Tipbet investigate my account more than 3 month (no pay €5300)


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I deposited my money on tipbet.com from May 30, 2017. I played on blackjack and wagered a few bets on tennis. All my winnings come from casino. I ordered withdrawal €5300.

Tipbet ask me selfi with my passport. They need phone call with me and e-wallet statement showing transactions for the last 3 months.

MGA didn't help me.

I ask tipbet about my money every month, but they say every time: "Unfortunately, your case is still under investigation. We will inform you immediately as soon as there is an outcome on this matter."


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Can anyone give me advice what I should to do?

I received this email from MGA:

"Further to the below case, please be informed that we have received information from the representative of Tipbet Limited (tipbet.com) who have informed the MGA that this account is linked with other accounts. The operator provided information and data which is extracted from their internal systems. This they do as part of the ongoing investigations that the MGA orders when a player complaint is received. This information is of a sensitive nature and cannot be provided to the player as is your case. In your specific case, the information was passed to the MGA and examined in detail so as to confirm the Operator’s explanation of events. From the Authority’s end, it was determined that the Operator acted in accordance to the regulations and Terms and Conditions.

We therefore trust that the case is closed."

Tipbet in the same time:

"Leona: Yes, as you can see is informed and aware and we need some further time to investigate your account. Unfortunately now we do not have any updates for you Valentina, but please feel free to contact MGA directly."


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I did all what they ask, but Tipbet don't request any information from June 20, 2017. No bonus for all time.


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I asked Tipbet again about my account and they sent me this:

"Dear Ms. ******,
Thank you for your email.

Kindly note the following message regarding your account.
After careful review of your Tipbet account, our management has decided to keep your account on hold pending further investigations.
Please note that we currently do not know the exact duration of this ongoing investigation.
We will notify you as soon as possible with any updates on the status of your account.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,
Your Tipbet Support Team"

So 7.5 mothns is not enough time for investigation. Sounds like Tipbet is scam casino, because they use "investigation" for no-pay.


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Tipbet said me: "As per MGA rules we had to refund the money that deposited and blocked the account to prevent any activities against laws." from January 23, 2018, but Tipbet no pay yet. MGA don't help me.


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Tipbet are giving away 5000. My 5000 euro!!!
Yeah, it's better to explain what is going on than to post an image of one of their promos. It sends the wrong message.


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Tipbet informed the MGA that my account is linked with other accounts without any details. MGA agree with Tipbet. MGA got me the advice in the end: "Your statutory rights are unaffected and you are free to seek legal counsel in relation to your case." It was on October 24, 2017.

Tipbet informed me on another affiliate site that "Customer’s account has been blocked and funds confiscated as the deposit – withdrawal pattern indicated that customer’s activity is not oriented to take risk and win extra funds but to wager funds with a minimum loss and withdraw. Customer seems to be involved in activity aiming money laundering. As per MGA rules we had to refund the money that deposited and blocked the account to prevent any activities against laws." — the different version.

On any attempts to know how possible to do money laundering if I deposited via ecopayz and withdraw to ecopayz Tipbet said: "You are in deep knowledge what you have been doing and the reason your account is closed."

It's look like Tipbet created a reason for no pay.

I emailed to Tipbet about "As per MGA rules we had to refund the money that deposited". They asked my phone number for verification call, but never call me.

Tipbet ignore all my emails now and do it sometimes in the past.

I know Tipbet is unknown casino for most of people here, but they have page on wikipedia there you can find "The land-based operation has been active for 20 years in Germany."

How Tipbet still hold MGA licence after ignore MGA rules and do not return my deposit at least? I don't know.