This might seem trivial but I had my heart broke at 32Red tonight.


Jan 19, 2013
Northern Ireland
Ever wait so long for something only to have it stolen from you at the last second?

I've been playing TFROL a lot lately at 32Red (in fact I play it a lot everywhere these days), yet I've incredibly never got to the "Champagne & Diamonds" feature, until tonight...
I was 1 trigger away, yet seemed to be taking hundreds of spins to get there, unsurprisingly. Finally, 3 stars dropped in...
Rolled up my sleeves and lit a smoke.
Game crashed. Quickly reloaded, but that bloody awful movie started so I clicked on the screen to get past it, and to my horror also selected the 2nd feature at the same time.

I know I only clicked once but that's often enough to be considered "twice" when the following option appears immediately. Still I was devastated.
I quickly closed the game and opened up live chat, explained to the very understanding Ruth but surprise surprise, the systems are down and so nothing can be done right away.

I'm under no illusions by the way - I'm well aware it's the same as Michael and Thor's respective bonus games on IR and TSII, but I just want to see it for God's sake :mad:
I also have no doubt I'll get a shite "win" and be left scratching my head as I always am at the aforementioned bonus games but I repeat - I just want to see it on TFROL after waiting (literally) months :(

Like getting to the gates and finding out the golden ticket was a fake.

PS - I know I'm being over dramatic here, but gimme some leeway; I'm a married man now, I'm allowed to be grumpy :D


Dormant Account
Jan 22, 2012
now when was the last time booze ever contributed to a bad idea ....