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This is not on!!

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by JasonFTA, May 31, 2016.

    May 31, 2016
  1. JasonFTA

    JasonFTA Dormant account

    Head of Affiliates Marketing
    South Africa
    Hi Guys,

    Long time no see... nor chat!!

    My roles have changed and I am more involved with the marketing and operations side of our brands now. Gees man, I am really upset about this chat and the fact that casinos get bullied and threatened by cheats.

    This is not fair and I wish someone would do something about player using the terms rouge so loosely. I have said it before and I will say it again. We are not rouge. We protect ourselves against frauds and cheats and WILL not stand for any form of abuse!!


    Jason: Hi Stephanie, you are now chatting to Jason, how are you doing?
    Mark: I'm in contact with the Brand manger
    Visitor: Hello
    Visitor: Not well
    Jason: please would you be so kind and just give me a brief background on your chat with the chat agents?
    Visitor: I have to leave very soon,my special needs 3 year old has school this am
    Visitor: Sure
    Visitor: I have been on here for almost an hour and a half?
    Jason: ok, we will make it quick :oops:)
    Visitor: And that is extensive.
    Visitor: too extensive if you ask me
    Visitor: hmm
    Visitor: I don't know.
    Visitor: But I have to regardless
    Visitor: I have asked them to check the plays on my bets:
    Visitor: I was playing BJ
    Visitor: I am a professional player #1
    Visitor: I do this for a living locally and online
    Visitor: I live 20 miles from cherokee casino and hotel nc usa
    Visitor: and?
    Visitor: This was VERY rouge.
    Visitor: I am a member of over 14 major casino groups.
    Jason: but what was rouge?
    Visitor: I am ALWAYS vip
    Visitor: and I am always one to play daily
    Visitor: Sure.
    Visitor: I will explain my side of the situaton
    Visitor: 1.) I sent in my verification @ 6:41 am est
    Visitor: 2.) at that time my balance with 140 ish deposits (2)two small ones
    Visitor: was about $490 ish dollars..
    Jason: ok
    Visitor: within 4-6 mins or so on or about?
    Visitor: I was playing as I always would:
    Visitor: period.
    Visitor: And as soon as I sent my id?
    Visitor: BOOM.
    Visitor: There it went.
    Jason: ok, so you want us to do a game report for you?
    Visitor: I request a refund and or my money back into my Account due to what happened: I am NEVER a sore loser:
    Visitor: if I didn't have it to gamble?
    Visitor: I wouldn't be doing it.
    Visitor: Now it's BJ
    Visitor: and guess what?
    Visitor: I lost nearly everyhand.
    Visitor: And yes it CAN happen..
    Jason: well, let me do a game audit. Once I have completed the game audit, I will mail you the results
    Visitor: but the timing,the velocity and the BRUTAL-NESS of it? Too much coincides with this.
    Visitor: Look I was very clear.
    Jason: we pride ourselves on being 100% ethical and 100% transparent. I can assure you that there is nothing rouge about Grand Fortune Casino
    Visitor: I am part of the IGL
    Visitor: By the way International Gaming/gambling league.
    Visitor: This was NOT fair,even for internet odds
    Visitor: You cannot have a 20/80 house edge.
    Visitor: nope.
    Visitor: lol
    Visitor: and also?
    Jason: let me do a game audit and I will email you the results. You and I both know the risks involved when gaming
    Visitor: the timing was ....
    Visitor: very ODD
    Visitor: I do.
    Visitor: However?
    Jason: ok great. let me do the audit and get back to you. please confirm your email address
    Visitor: I want an answer immediately Jason I have spent too much time here.I own my own business and have lost about 560 dollars this am due to this crap,along with my own winnings here lol
    Visitor: sorry to seem pushy
    Visitor: hmm you don't get me.
    Visitor: 1.) I have been waiting an hour and a half.
    Visitor: 2.) They continue to push this to the side.
    Jason: if needed I would even get RTG to do a full game review for you, this might take a bit longer as I need to log a ticket with their gaming department
    Visitor: 3.) I have explained this 3 times over.
    Jason: not pushing it to the side, I need to pull a full game report. This is a timeous exercise
    Visitor: Look I am about to call my bank and tell them to take these charges OFF and no,it wouldn't be charging back when I myself have the gaming history? ok?
    Jason: no need to explain again. let me look into your game play and report back as soon as i can
    Visitor: This game was NOT doing this until I submitted my info
    Visitor: No..
    Visitor: I am calling the bank
    Jason: there is NO relation between you sending docs and playing a game
    Visitor: You seem not to understand I feel your stealing from me.
    Visitor: Well?
    Visitor: Truly?
    Visitor: It did ...
    Visitor: lol
    Visitor: the moment I did?
    Visitor: it changed as above
    Jason: you are just a number to the gaming server, it does not know you, your age, your nationality nothing about you. It is all 100% random
    Visitor: it's not outlandish to sate as much,the timing was right there.
    Visitor: Can be,can no be.
    Visitor: not corection
    Visitor: PFFT
    Visitor: correction:
    Jason: you had a bad run and that I am afraid is the nature of the game
    Visitor: some times yes
    Jason: let me complete the audit and revert
    Visitor: sometimes if things are ROUGE no sir.
    Visitor: There's a difference between a bad play and a STREAK of it.
    Visitor: hmm
    Visitor: Sorry
    Visitor: No..
    Visitor: I had my "bad run"
    Visitor: with it many times..
    Jason: rouge is a made up term which gets used all to often when players feel that things didn't swing their way
    Visitor: but as a professional player who plays on the platform all the time?
    Jason: I will review your play and revert
    Visitor: same company?
    Visitor: I haven't seen it like that in ten years tbh
    Visitor: Hmmm
    Visitor: I will put it as a professional ok?
    Visitor: It can be rigged.
    Visitor: It can manually be controlled.
    Visitor: it can def be.
    Visitor: Seen it before.
    Jason: just a quick overview.... you played 364 hands and wagered $4321.50
    Visitor: The cards were slower at some points,and faster at others....
    Visitor: that just lead me to believe this to be tru
    Jason: with a hold of 2% which is perfectly inline with the hold on BK
    Visitor: yes I did
    Visitor: lol
    Visitor: I am VERY good.
    Jason: BJ
    Jason: there you already have an answer that nothing is out of place
    Visitor: I had to use tactics for that
    Visitor: hmm
    Visitor: yes in the end when the anty went up?
    Visitor: yes..
    Visitor: it's called WIPE OUT
    Visitor: I HAVE SEEN THIS BEFORE sorry for caps.
    Visitor: Anyway
    Visitor: Look you have nothing to worry about if you do not wish to make this right,whatever I need to know now.I am not a "player who is mad"
    Jason: ok, go and collect your little one, take a breather while I look into your play session
    Jason: I will mail you the result once I have completed the audit
    Visitor: I am a professional that knows what I see when I see it.
    Visitor: look,I am going to my bank
    Visitor: and I AM GETTING THIS MONEY BACK YOU HAVE NOW STOLEN.. I have heard this too long now.
    Visitor: Thanks
    Visitor: You have seen it yourself?
    Jason: I don't want you to be upset when you collect your little one, I too am a parent and don't like being in a bad mood when my little princess is around me
    Visitor: The last 20 some odd hands?
    Visitor: or less?
    Visitor: I am VERY MAD.
    Visitor: She is at home.
    Visitor: I am on est
    Visitor: she hasn't BEEN yet because I have yet to wake her,we are late as it is,my next stop will be the bank to revert these charges.
    Visitor: This isn't right,and if your a parent you understand that as well
    Visitor: I know all risk involved lol
    Visitor: prob better than anyone :)
    Visitor: but I do know when something is amiss...
    Jason: ok, reverse the charges.... we will blacklist you from making deposits at all other online institutions
    Visitor: I am angry and now I have to do something about it
    Visitor: I don't want to jason
    Jason: you played and lost, period!
    Visitor: your not getting me
    Visitor: I told them we could make this right
    Visitor: OMG NO YOU DIDNT
    Jason: it has nothing to do with sending your doc's etc.....
    Visitor: I am sending this to my email and it's going online within 4 mins time
    Jason: you lost fair and square and now you are trying to bully the casino but making threats and using the term rouge.... that is cheating!!
    Visitor: Blacklisting this one I have wasted 2 hours or so here just to be told off?
    Visitor: wow.
    Visitor: OMG
    Visitor: No sir.
    Visitor: I told you to LOOK
    Visitor: and you did?
    Visitor: or not?
    Visitor: I am not arguing with you
    Jason: I am telling you that I am going to do a full audit. Didn't I tell you that?????
    Visitor: I will simply get my money back your charging in ways that are illegal as I can see......
    Visitor: So be it.
    Visitor: I am printing this off to send to the office.
    Jason: so i guess that you have done this too many online casinos before?
    Visitor: No
    Visitor: I said it's been 10 years....
    Jason: feel free to print it, what you doing is wrong!
    Visitor: since I have seen something like this
    Visitor: I have seen your reviews:
    Visitor: I didn't notice the really bad ones.
    Jason: no, we not blacklisted
    Visitor: I am not doing anything wrong
    Visitor: :)
    Visitor: I am being fair to myself by not letting myself be cheated here
    Jason: yes you are, you made deposits, lost and not threatening to charge back!!
    Visitor: Do you want the link Jason? lol
    Visitor: You are too lol
    Visitor: here:
    Jason: that is cheating and we don not stand for that
    Visitor: I am threatening nothing
    Visitor: :)
    Jason: it's simple all the players that "complain" on the forums are the cheats!
    Visitor: I don't stand for someone not listening to a player.
    Visitor: I explained something very clearly.
    Visitor: ? NO.
    Visitor: this isn't a forum...
    Visitor: this is a PROFESSIONAL SITE
    Jason: we will not honor withdrawals etc to cheats who try and cheat our respective brands!
    Jason: you are not listening. I said I will look into your game play
    Visitor: http://www.casinomeister.com/forums/showthread.php?t=61588
    Jason: I also told you that the two things have nothing to do with each other
    Jason: you sending docs and you losing your balance
    Jason: just the thought of that is insane!
    Visitor: Okay fine,do so but what am I to do UNTIL THEN?????????????????
    Visitor: Yes... it happened right after
    Jason: you chose not to listen to me!!!
    Visitor: this website is a very professional website.
    Visitor: this is not some "bang around" site.
    Jason: so it's simple. We will refund your deposits, lock the accounts and list you on a negative database
    Visitor: only real reviews go here:
    Visitor: and you have to have evidence.
    Visitor: dont care
    Visitor: fine by me
    Jason: I know casinomeister very well
    Jason: and NO not all real reviews go on there!
    Visitor: If this is what the gaming company has got down to?
    Jason: well, I have the evidence... it's called game play history!
    Visitor: I am not playing with them
    Visitor: I have a REAL casino...
    Visitor: to play at
    Visitor: I do too :)
    Visitor: I video tape ALL my play!
    Visitor: :)
    Visitor: as per above.
    Visitor: not arguing.
    Jason: no no no, let met tell you, I have worked for the most reputable online companies in the industry and GF is one of them
    Visitor: you can calm down if you wish
    Jason: so please don't mention our name with all the other "rouge" brands out there!!!
    Visitor: I worked at harrah's,ceasers,and many in Las Vegas
    Visitor: sir?
    Visitor: yep it's rigged
    Visitor: lol
    Visitor: I am looking at the tape
    Visitor: anyway
    Visitor: If you wish to refund me,ok...
    Jason: there is no calming down now. It's simple...we will refund you and then take the necessary steps to ensure that this does not happen again
    Visitor: please give me a ref number
    Visitor: sure!
    Visitor: lol
    Visitor: I don't mind.
    Visitor: My casinos?
    Visitor: Know ME WELL
    Visitor: I never charge back:
    Visitor: EVER.
    Jason: I have sent your details to my finance team, they will refund the transactions tomorrow!
    Visitor: period
    Jason: Thanks for your time!
    Visitor: No sir
    Visitor: If I don't get confirmation today?
    Visitor: I am going to make sure this is dealt with TODAY

    Not cool people.... not cool at all! I am leaving it at that....

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  2. May 31, 2016
  3. mimi26

    mimi26 Meister Member

    wow, why did you decide to refund? I would have told them to get lost
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  4. May 31, 2016
  5. JasonFTA

    JasonFTA Dormant account

    Head of Affiliates Marketing
    South Africa
    Hi mimi26,

    Chargebacks hurt the reputation of our processors which then also result in poor acceptance rates etc. I just get so frustrated that players hold us ransom. Reputation is what builds brands and is what keep good guys like me employed ...lol...

    But how can a player seriously think that the odds of the game changed after sending verification docs.... I mean really??

    Oh well, I just thought I would for a change turn the tables and post on CM ..hehe!

    Off to finish a few reports, I will stop by later to see what I have started :eek2:

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  6. May 31, 2016
  7. dunover

    dunover Unofficial T&C's Editor Staff Member CAG PABnononaccred PABnonaccred PABinit mm3 webmeister

    International Money Launderer
    the bus shelter, opposite GCHQ Benhall
    If they are on CM, they need the ban hammer.
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  8. May 31, 2016
  9. EbeeDog

    EbeeDog Senior Member MM

    Akron OH
    Was that rouge pinkish or a little more on the cardinal red side?

    I play RTG BJ and see that same thing going on. That being said, she was obviously not entirely sane.

    But I will save this chat session to read every time I lose so I can be assured that the game is 100% random.
  10. May 31, 2016
  11. hedgehok

    hedgehok Meister Member mm3

    You both acted very unprofessional.

    The "visitor" a BJ professional ? LMAO. Why did you even take him/her seriously? Being a BJ pro implies that you can somehow rig the system if you play online (or have a 100%+ RTP game) or if you can count cards or shuffle track if you play offline. Both will be prevented by the casinos in a blink of an eye. The "visitor" certainly hasn't done this for 10+ years. And Jason, you have to know that as a casino executive.

    I would have kept calm Jason, the pissing contest in the end of the chat log was completely unnecessary. I would have persisted on the audit you suggested at the beginning and terminated the session.
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  12. May 31, 2016
  13. shapesy

    shapesy Experienced Member

    No way would i have refunded as this could lead to other bad losers doing the same or trying the same thing
  14. May 31, 2016
  15. Jono777

    Jono777 Meister Member CAG mm4 mm1

    Self- Employeed
    Wow, good to see the tables turned when indeed it seems that on this occasion the player is most definatley the one at fault here.

    Had to chuckle when 'They' said that the are not a bad loser, worse case of bad loser I've read I think :eek:

    Also trying the 'pull on heart strings' card to get their own way.

    Sore Loser, Bad Loser, - If it was my casino they'd be banned, never to be seen again :mad:
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  16. May 31, 2016
  17. spintee

    spintee Meister Member webby mm2

    gambler :)
    I think they escaped from the loney bin,

    1st off its not fair that players do charge backs, If they can not handle the heat do not play in the fire,
    Professional player ? Professional loser more like, Banging on about how games are rigged and how they can be turned around when casino wants to? Yet still deposit & playing,

    Now I can understand why you use the authorization form because you get idiots like this, And so there should be a black book with names and numbers with people that cheat and do charge backs,

    I know I should not say this and it does not make things right but theses are the sort of people that needs there details leaked out,

    This is why us genuine players do not get many bonus no more,

    I would email the player and say I have stuck 500 in account, and sorry for the inconvenience, Let the player spend hours of time playing and if he wins say sorry your banned,

    I did try making a deposit yesterday or Sunday and got the error from skril about cannot accept payment to that merchant, This is due to all the the U.K regs, I take it it will be ok to use my bank?
  18. May 31, 2016
  19. Jono777

    Jono777 Meister Member CAG mm4 mm1

    Self- Employeed
    Very true to the first part mate, too many wankers who think they're clever making the casinos have to get more and more guarded.

    The second part is sheer quality, make them think there on a winner only for their 'Gold Winners Medal' to turn out to be made entirely of chocolate LMAO!
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  20. May 31, 2016
  21. mimi26

    mimi26 Meister Member


    Totally disagree, I think he acted just as he should.
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  22. May 31, 2016
  23. Clownesk

    Clownesk Full Member



    Visitor: I am a professional player #1
    Visitor: I do this for a living locally and online

    That is absolutely bullshit. You cannot beat the game in the long run. The whole chat between the cs and the customer is ridiculous and it makes me quite angry that you decided to refund him for no reason.
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  24. May 31, 2016
  25. hedgehok

    hedgehok Meister Member mm3

    Don't get me wrong: The visitor acted like jerk and should be treated accordingly and Jasons answers where factually right. I'm just surprised that he hasn't reacted in a more reasonable and calm way and was lured into this ugly back and forth at the end of the conversation.
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  26. May 31, 2016
  27. Deanna

    Deanna Senior Member

    I hope this person gets blacklisted at every single on-line casino site possible.
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  28. May 31, 2016
  29. goatwack

    goatwack Lend me some sugar! I am your neighbour! CAG

    The 'visitor' loved the sound of their own voice by the looks of it and went on some monologue about how casinos love letting players win, but then decide 'nah, I think we'll just steal some of that back'.

    Talk about Bad Loser Syndrome. Just leave CS alone with your whiney bullshit and:

    Me: Fuck

    Me: Off

    Me: Already
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  30. May 31, 2016
  31. LHofsdal

    LHofsdal Ueber Meister MM

    A while ago I wrote a blog on something very similar. It irks me to no end to see players act this way. I just love the part where they say the are not a sore loser....Now that is total joke!

    It's idiots like this that make it harder for the honest players to try and resolve issues when they come about. Even a so called "Professional" player knows that it can very well happen to have a losing streak. That is nothing new, to me this idiot was pissed off they lost all their money that they could afford to lose and wanted it back.

    Before I retired, I worked with public for 21 years, I can see why Jason did refund the money. You may not understand it but when dealing with idiots like that it is easier to give them what they want then to have them constantly coming after you and tarnishing the casinos reputation. Trust and believe when I say it is so much easier and less stress full to have handled it this way.

    To Jason-Let the professional bj player take their business else where, you don't need that kind of player playing at your casino.

    All the best,
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  32. May 31, 2016
  33. Tirilej

    Tirilej Still a Lady CAG MM

    Nice to see you post Jason but sadly not a funny post.

    You must not pay that creep. Don't do it please. You will just open up for others to behave bad to get their money back.
    Instead I think you should send an offer to make a PAB here. If anything was wrong you will of course pay ;)

    Don't give up, don't give in. You are a nice guy :thumbsup:
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  34. May 31, 2016
  35. dunover

    dunover Unofficial T&C's Editor Staff Member CAG PABnononaccred PABnonaccred PABinit mm3 webmeister

    International Money Launderer
    the bus shelter, opposite GCHQ Benhall

    Casinos - Just PRAY this twat sticks to BJ and NEVER ever plays Raging Rhino!!!! :eek:
  36. May 31, 2016
  37. Jono777

    Jono777 Meister Member CAG mm4 mm1

    Self- Employeed
    Following this thread, I have just approached all the casinos and bookies I have memberships with and requested all the deposits I have made since 2003 be returned to my bank/skrill.

    Some of the casinos have since closed down or abandoned UK players but fear not, I will find you at some point.

    Suggesting at first that I cannot feed my family and a few tiles have started to come lose on my roof, I moved into a more threatening chat manner by telling agents 'I knew where they lived'

    My Halifax account has since seen its highest ever balance and I've been upgraded to Skrill VIP Gold.


    Maybe not a joking matter but customers (bullshitting twats in this case) getting away with this sort of behavior is no joke either!
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  38. May 31, 2016
  39. MrSilver

    MrSilver Experienced Member webby MM

    Writer, Blogger, Video reviewer, Casino critique a
    Dans un Casino près de chez vous...
    Totally agree, you both acted very unprofessional..Period.

    Personally i would have terminated the conversation as soon the Visitor saying he's a "Pro" than starting saying all casino are Rigged :what: ....the Question is, why are you coming back if you are certain that all games are rigged? this baffle me.. :eek2:

    By the log you provided at 2% overall edge...sounds very Legit....it's completely normal, therefore he shouldn't have lost that quick.....unless, perhaps...this *Super Pro* was playing Martingale..... i'm pretty sure this was the case by the way he meant by "I lost it all at the end" which is the word for all Martingale players when they lost 10 times in a row or more....than, goes on saying it's Impossible ive lost...it must be Rigged!

    Professional Don't play Martingale...nor act such a sore loser after losing only "490$" :rolleyes:
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