This is a pretty cool video of what life was like in the 60's..


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WOW!! What a flashback to my teen years!! And everything in it is so true.

Thanks Bingo for posting this great video! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


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Dang it: The generation that would change the world is still looking for its carkeys :D

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Ahhh it's back on :) Cool.


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What a great flashback Tom, thanks!

My mom had a corvair (it was black)
Chubby Checker lives about 20 minutes from me (I served him dinner once lol)
I watched Lucy over and over, just bought some of the DVD's
Godspell was my favorite play, I saw it live
My brother was a "greaser" lol...he 's 8 yrs older than me
Leave it Beaver was another of my favorites (eddie haskle)

The producer was right, it was the last innocent generation. I miss it! Every corner in Philly had a penny candy store...remember dots?


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Chubby Checker lives about 20 minutes from me (I served him dinner once lol)

He stopped singing ever since.........:lolup::lolup:


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Actually Tom, he was quite the pain in the ass! My husband went to school with his daughter and when he was in the restaurant, OMG...huge prima donna pain in the rear

Donna Summer is a different story, she was a pleasure to serve and so was Ray Krok. OMG...he had this McDonalds Arch pin on his tie and it was made out of diamonds. Very Cool guy, he was

I met alot of cool people when I was a server at a high end restaurant. Pat Croce was miserable lol.