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Oct 9, 2006
My friend in an msn group saw that i was gambling and on a winning streak, so she decided to give poker a try FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! LOOK AT THIS
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Im such an idiot. I thought it was real but now I see "play with real money" I thought it said "playing with real money" Im sorry guys. Im kind of out of it because my favorite aunt died yesterday and we have all kinds of stuff going on. Im on alot of meds lol

I hope you dont think I was trying to pull a fast one. You know what, They probably give a new fake money player a royal to reel them in
Something else wrong too.

That's not a "Pat Royal" if that's what you are thinking!

It is 3 to a RF held and one RF hit, just happens to be in the original decision hand.
Strange that only $0 seems to have been paid out too, perhaps the option to double is active.
If that was a Pat RF, AND in real money, I would not like to have Golden Palace host such an event for me:D (I'd like to spend it at Christmas, as in THIS Christmas!)
That's not a "Pat Royal" if that's what you are thinking!

Excactly. I play a lot of 50 hands JoB and I average a RF at least every 2 hours. It is not that hard. And when playing 50 lines a RF only pays 16*bet-size.

But I have to remind you that Playtech 50-line JoB is only 8-5 JoB, while single line and 4-line is actually full pay-table. Play MG if you want full paytable 50-line, though it also can be find at other casinos if you look hard.


It was the excitement that made me think the impression was that it was a pat royal, also the fact that it has "hold" printed over the cards of the RF in view. It can look like a Pat Royal if you just glance at it.

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