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Things I don't like

Discussion in 'Other Complaints' started by UriahHeep, Apr 8, 2012.

    Apr 8, 2012
  1. UriahHeep

    UriahHeep Quit Gambling PABnonaccred

    many things
    Don’t like the way this thread [link] has ended.

    As well as I don’t like the conclusion of “Emmeline’s one”.

    As well as I don't like the "formula" seen on many other threads.

    Frankly speaking I think this forum has recently become something similar to a “one man show”.
    One man and his little group of friends always supporting him and always attacking other members. Whatever they are saying.

    It’s an interesting coincidence that people who has different ideas (from them), sooner or later gets banned.

    I don’t like this man, I don’t like his friends, I don’t like their show.

    I can tell you that in the last two months several times I had something to say here (about casinos) and I was going to post my thoughts, but everytime last second before clicking “submit post”,... well, I gave up and deleted everything, just to avoid personal attacks, silly polemics, and such.

    Ok I am perfectly aware I am just a little drop of water in the ocean of members here, but anyway I have the suspect I am not the only one feeling like this. Maybe there are other two or three little drops of water, somewhere in the forum.:rolleyes:

    I guess my actual post is not respecting the forum rules, so that I am expecting to see my nickname written in red color at soonest.

    Ok, I like red color. CMeister & Mods, please do it.

    Thanks and Regards, everybody.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 8, 2012
  2. Apr 8, 2012
  3. Nifty29

    Nifty29 Dormant account

    Turn right, then right. then right again
    Emmeline was suspended for telling another member to FO.

    Footdr was banned for continuing to promote chargebacks as a form of withdrawal and blackmail, as well as describing other members comments are worthless and that only certain people should post in certain threads. I think you'll find it was a culmination of several issues over the long term rather than just this thread.

    I'm interested in this "formula" you talk about, and the "one man show". If you're going to make accusations against people, you should have the decency to name them (and their "friends"). I would assume this person has some kind of power over others that forces them to agree with their POV.

    I can say that I very seldom see a member who posts something well-considered and reasonable being treated with anything but respect. On the other hand, I've seen members who slag off others/casinos with no good reason, and have a personal agenda to push, be treated with the disdain they deserve.

    Forums are about discussing and debate, along with information and assistance. As long as nobody throws personal insults and foul language and names around, discussions should always be allowed to continue. If one is to.post an opinion on an open forum, one must expect agreement and dissent. If one can't accept dissent, one should definitely reconsider posting. I can't speak for others, but I always respect a reasonable opinion based on facts that doesn't insult, even if I don't agree. Similarly, I take to task members who post inaccurate and biased opinions with no factual basis.

    We've all heard the "I dont post any more because xyz and abc are nasty to me etc". It's a total cop out. In my experience, many of these people can't seperate an opposing POV from a personal attack, and they get nasty when everyone doesn't agree with them. As I said earlier, I just don't see members who participate in discussions maturely and in a reasonable manner get a hard time. If you find you do get a hard time, maybe you should think about what you post rather than blame others for their reactions.

    PS. What's with the "asking to be banned" thing? Do you know how childish that is? If you want your account closed, then close it. The whole "make me a martyr" gag is really getting old......the reason people do this is so they can go to other sites and say "CM banned me for telling the truth" and hence play the victim, as our recently departed member has done. It's a great move, as it deflects attention away from why they were banned in the first place.
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  4. Apr 8, 2012
  5. maxd

    maxd Complaints (PAB) Manager Staff Member

    The PAB Guy
    Yes, and that ban was for TWO days. As in the weekend. As in 48 hours. If that's enough to make someone toss their toys out of the pram ... well, so be it I guess but considering that the offence was pretty serious -- flagrantly breaking Rule #1 of the General Posting Rules -- I'd say a 48 hour cool-off time-out is pretty reasonable.

    Footdr was banned for a lot of reasons which generally added up to her being a PITA after having been told time and time again to "shape up". She's been banned before for similar reasons, been warned several times, etc etc. As some point the time and effort spent trying to convince someone to "play ball" per the Forum Rules becomes a wasted effort, hence the PITA banning.

    FWIW the last straw -- AFAIC -- was her flagrant disregard of the very clear and very well established Rogue Pit listing of Virtual et al (see here). When she decided to start using CM as her platform to spread misinformation about those casinos and insinuate that the Pit listing was arbitrary and unfounded she crossed the line: the Rules violations became too numerous to count and why should we have to bother? At that point it's "give her her PITA badge and show her the door".

    :rolleyes: Not how we do things here, as I'm sure you know. Like the man said, if you want your membership cancelled then email Bryan and I'm sure he'll accommodate your request. This "please ban me" stuff is ineffective and serves no constructive purpose, please don't.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2012
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  6. Apr 8, 2012
  7. Seventh777

    Seventh777 RIP Roy

    Builder, mainly renovations.
    Planet Tharg, dark side, where nothing grows.
    It appears you have something to say without actually saying it :confused:, are you saying that Emmeline`s ban was contrived by others and not as the case most definitely is - was down to her telling another member to go forth and multiply.

    Who has got banned for having purely alternative opinions/views to... dare I say it...Nifty?, love him or hate him, most people agree with him because what he states is correct, I have seen many people here have contrasting views to Nifty (me included) that have not been banned (me included), if you have something regarding casinos that you wish to share with everyone here, then post, and we`ll take it from there ;).
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  8. Apr 8, 2012
  9. Tirilej

    Tirilej Still a Lady CAG

    This thread was not so nice to wake up reading:(

    I can assure you U-H that I have never been told to fuck off before, especially not from a friend.
    If you read that thread again you can see that you and noone else can't even find the reason for her behaviour at all.
    Still I wasn't rude back. Should I have been?

    Am I one of the "friends"?
    It would feel really good to know because I can't find him on my friendlist.
    I speak my mind when I feel the need to. Am I to be blamed for sharing someone elses view?

    I don't know what you or other people are thinking if you don't say it, so I do hope you don't blame me for finally having the guts to say anything at all.
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  10. Apr 8, 2012
  11. UriahHeep

    UriahHeep Quit Gambling PABnonaccred

    many things
    Thanks Maxd. I think your advice is a good advice. I am going to ask Casinomeister to be cancelled.

    @ all the others: today is Easter day and the only thing I want to say is that in case anyone of you feels personally offended by my post, I sincerely apologize.

    Happy Easter to everybody.

  12. Apr 8, 2012
  13. Mousey

    Mousey Ueber Meister Mouse CAG

    Pencil Pusher
    Honest to goodness.... what is it about weekends... particularly holdiay weekends... ?

    Anyway... all the best to you UH.
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  14. Apr 8, 2012
  15. chayton

    chayton aka LooHoo CAG PABnonaccred webmeister

    Freelance Designer
    Edmonton Canada
    Why is everything all about Nifty all the time? Emmeline was given a little vacation for a nasty post to another member - who wasn't Nifty btw.

    I for one hope she returns when it's over, because in every other post, I find her funny and intelligent and a useful addition to the forum. I'm not sure what prompted the offending post, but it seemed out of character and uncalled for - maybe she was having a bad day or misunderstood the intentions of the other poster...whatever. We all have bad days, and if she comes back and the other member is willing to forgive her and they patch things up everything will be back to normal.

    As for footdr, she had runins with Nifty but that's not why she was banned either - see post by Max.

    Honestly, some days it's like a bloody playground around here.
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  16. Apr 8, 2012
  17. chuchu59

    chuchu59 gambling addict CAG PABnonaccred

    Everyone is free to state what one likes or dislikes. The way I see it the Rushmore thread is still well and alive though it would be pure folly to expect that some information will be posted where players can get clues as to when they will be paid. If a casino were to pay why does it need to be so indirect? Why does a player need to seek info from a forum on when they will get paid when it should be a mere formality and they should relay it to the players themselves. Some were speaking of contacting Tara as if she/he were a persn of authority at Rushmore whereas there are bits of info rehasing the ole 'change of processor' which I believe is an attempt by Rushmore to confuse players into thinking the fault is not that of the casino.

    Many posters fall prey to others when there are claims of victimisation ie they are being attacked needlessly very often and refrain from posting for these very reasons. This is hogwash! If one has strong reasons and post them it will only spur lively debate. Your stance doesnt matter though if there are ulterior motives one will be busted pretty soon.

    It seems a pretty much 'in' thing to state that one is likely to be banned for offering indifferent opinions paying no heed to the fact that they are most often accompanied by rude accusations towards others. We are no more in the Medieval Ages for God's sake so forget the acts of 'martyrdom'. If you nare posting less it simply means you either have less to say or that you cannot build enough to start a healthy debate. Dont act as though you are intimidated by others when this simply isnt true.
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  18. Apr 8, 2012
  19. anniemac

    anniemac Ueber Meister MM PABnoaccred

    Texas, USA
    Every time Bryan goes on vacation, the stuff hits the fan. LOL! Been here since '07 and I swear I don't believe I have every read such whining and carrying on in my life.

    Grow up, people. Might be a really good idea to also think before you type. Just because you hide behind the anonimity of the internet, does not give you the right to be rude and crude to other people. You can get your point across with making a donkey out of yourself. If you wouldn't say it to someone face to face, don't type it either!

    As far as the 'it' crowd around here, there isn't one. We have senior members here that have forgotten more about the online gambling industry than most of us will ever know. Do we have to agree with them all the time, absolutely not. Should we voice our opinions, absolutely. If we don't agree, then we should carry on a lively discussion within the bounds of civility.

    And lastly, if you don't like this playground, then take your toys elsewhere.
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  20. Apr 14, 2012
  21. Surasanji

    Surasanji Experienced Member

    Call-center customer support
    Nifty is an active poster, and often calls people on legitimate BS.

    He does so in a way that I feel is perhaps a touch rough, but one can't question the effectiveness of it. It does seem to shock a certain element to be so flagrently called on their obvious lies and mistruths.

    Other facts about Nifty, and why its all about him:

    Nifty is clearly a casino-paid thug.

    Nifty has an army of Dropbears, and is the reason umbrellas are given to all foreigners who enter Australia.

    Nifty is the reason for crime. All of it. Even the crap that happened WAAAY in the past. In particular the mongals.

    Nifty is made of chocolate.

    Nifty can fly.

    And He's got a good sense of humor. ;)
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  22. Apr 14, 2012
  23. secret2

    secret2 irishbrit62 MM

    New York, United States
    mmmm, chocolate, Nifty, tongue, cadburys eggs...yeah....

    HELLO! I'm awake? Where am I?
    Holy, Sh*t!...

    Um, hi:oops:
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  24. Apr 14, 2012
  25. chayton

    chayton aka LooHoo CAG PABnonaccred webmeister

    Freelance Designer
    Edmonton Canada
    :lolup::lolup: I know, I had a little flashback too. :oops:
    The people who didn't read that other thread are going "WTF is she talking about?"
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  26. May 14, 2012
  27. Temperance Fox

    Temperance Fox Experienced Member PABnononaccred

    I've seen this topic right now and I'm not so surprised, for many reasons (cannot say to save privacy).I've found the replies very reasonable as adult people should be.
    I suggest to change title and turn into "Paranoia" or "Back to childhood"
  28. May 14, 2012
  29. silcnlayc

    silcnlayc Just one more spin pleez! CAG MM PABnonaccred PABaccred

    IT Director of Operations
    Left Hungary
    OMG I do not know how I missed this thread but Temperance, you said it all...I am sitting here laughing so hard and thank you so much for this whoever posted it:
    I knew Nifty was good, but geez...he has more potential than even I knew! ..OMG...busting at the seams from the hurt of laughing...

  30. May 14, 2012
  31. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    This is one of the reasons I rarely tell people when I'm gone - you have to guess when they (my vacations) are :p

    And yeah, I missed UriahHeep's request on closing his account. He sent me a very cordial email the other day reminding me of this and I've closed his account. No martyrdom here.
  32. May 14, 2012
  33. cpdnd31

    cpdnd31 Ueber Meister CAG webmeister

    where the taxes are the highest
    Nifty would you please make a video of eating that dam egg so I can sleep well again!!!!!:D:D:D
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