Theoretical basis for a perfect roulette system


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Dec 12, 2006
Hello everyone!
I know it's impossible to find a system that will always win, but here is an idea of a system that actually might be fruitfull. Hope someone has enough time and patience to implement it.
First of all, there is one argument against those who believe that the house advantage cannot be overcome - house advantage relates to the NUMBER OF WINNING SPINS HOUSE HAS OVER THE PLAYER, and not the money you put in a game. This means that the house wins approximatelly 52.5 times in a 100 spins series, while the player has 47.5 wins. If player wins 1.5 chip each time, and loses 1 chip when the house wins, who's ahead?
That is one thing! The other relates to odds. It is very common opinion that each spin represents an isolated event, and each time you bet on red you have around 47.5% of chance for winning. However, what is the probability of the tenth red in a row? It is actually simple to calculate:
0.475x0.475x0.475x0.475 (and so on... 10 times...)=0.0007 (0.07%). This probability is rather low, but it's not impossible.
Ok, now back to the system proposal. As you probably know by now, it is very rare (if not impossible) to have a streak of more than 25 different numbers. Hence the system basis - simply follow last numbers that came out, and sooner or later you'll hit a winner.
let's here what you have to say about it...
Hello everyone!
I know it's impossible to find a system that will always win, but here is an idea of a system that actually might be fruitfull

If you know its impossible to find a system which wins, surely this cant win?

Your data about rare to have a streak of 25 is flawed because lets say there is simply a streak of 15 numbers different, you've spend 1+2+3+...+14+15 = 120. Therefore you've spend 120 units before finding a winner which pays 35.

The only way this would win is if you could expect on average, the number of spins before a number is repeated to be 7-8, which naturally isnt the case.

This is just a variation on the martingale system. It falls over when the improbable eventually happens. Often, table limits prevent the full implementation of the system, and it is possible to dig oneself into a very deep hole indeed.

If this system works online, it is because the RNG is not completely random.
Simply find a roulette system that fails time and time again. Now just do the opposite of your original system. I think you will find the results very interesting.
I think he has a point: you will eventually hit a winner.
Hitting a winner will usually get you thrown out of a casino. I never go to Circus Circus because it makes me want to punch a clown. The kids wouldn't appreciate that.
He sells roulette systems. Gee, I wonder what his next move will be...Will he resurrect another 3-year-old thread to spam his systems...Or will he start a new thread to spam his systems? I'm simply shaking with anticipation.
Playing so many last numbes is not feasible and by the way where to start from?

Seriously, we could give a rats ass about your systems. If you look through the forums you will see mostly discussions about the casino industry in general, not crackpot discussions on magical ways to beat roulette.

I'm not saying there aren't people here who are somehow overall ahead in playing roulette, but this is a very different forum than the others you have likely encountered. A quick Google search shows someone with your username has been banned from one of those crazy "make money from roulette" forums for selling systems. Don't do the same here.

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