Bonus Complaint The World's most stupid bonus at Golden Arch Casino


Dormant account
Dec 8, 2009
Atlanta suburb of alpharetta
I am an experienced player and I should no better when a casino does not post bonus terms nor offer free play(so you can see how their system works). Shows that even experienced players get suckered sometimes! Not sure whose software they are using. I haven't seen anything like it before.

Their Bonus Goes like this.
Every deposit gets a 200% bonus.--Wow nice right lolol

The bonus money gets stored in a separate box (which is not unusual). However a player cannot even use the bonus money for betting even if he goes broke till he meets the 75x play thru amount--$200 deposit means $15,000 in play thru required.

Then once the play thru is met the money goes into your game playing account which is separate from your cash account (money deposited + or- wins/losses. So Its still not your money even after fulfilling the 75x play thru requirement. You only get to use the bonus money to play with after you have depleted your cash account to 0.

Net net---there is no bonus to play with unless you play thru 75x and lose all the money you deposited.
What a joke!!

If anyone is familiar with this software please let me know so when I see it I run lololol