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Jul 20, 2003
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I know this is not online casino. But I just have to share and you can choose to read or not... LOL

This is my Valentine's Day gift, 3 days break by myself... After thinking about more than 2 years, I finally visited the real Live Casino today , Mohegan Sun at CT. It's so "DIFFERENT" from online casino!!! AND I finally have my virgin Black Jack game on the table after 3 hours walking around the casino and 1 hour waiting for the table ($10 min bet). I guess I don't have to wait if I play $100 per bet, but I am just too cheap as usual. LOL~

I picked up the wrong time to visit. It's Holidays and it's a zoo there. Almost everyone is smoking and there are a lot of people today. I didn't have a chance to eat because there is at least 1 hour waiting at every restaurent I checked.

Well, I have to say one thing here... I sure enjoy the "chatting" on the table more than "playing". LOL~ I brought $400 with me as my budget and came home $320 after 7 hour visit. Lost $130 at Slot and Video Pokers, Gain $80 at Black Jack Table and left about $30 tip to the dealer.

I set my limit and left as I finally had enough fun, noise, chatting, excitement and whatever..... (Let's put this way, I need to eat something beside coffee or cocktails and visit the lady's room. Plus it's getting late too.) I had a great time today but I didn't enjoy the smoky and noisy enviornment there, so I don't think I will be a regular customer there after today's visit. Sometime, I just need a little bit REAL experience to satisify my curiosity. I even told people about the website I visited. LOL~ Dont' get me wrong....I had a great time and I finally have my first time on the table with a real dealer... Everything is so NEW and FRESH to me here.... I just wish I don't have to drive home but there is no room or any hotel available tonight.

I just have to share with you ladies and gentlemen here. Thank you for lisiting. Happy Holidys!
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