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Aug 5, 2003
i saw this new casino in the reputable casinos section and it's sure it's a good choice !!!!!
My experience was very good with this casino and their support ! i played 3 card poker and noticed a bug : the soft don't count the straight a,2,3 so i send and email to the casino support and they credited my account with 40$ to have report this bug !!!! thank you very much :thumbsup:
And when i withdraw my money they told me they can return just the original deposit by neteller and the winning by cheque but it was not good for me because my bank have a 35$ fees for cheque !!!!!it was friday afternoon and after 3 days PLAYMONTECARLO UPGRADE THEIR CASHIER SECTION and now they can transfert all your funds by neteller !!!!!!! and this morning all my money was in my neteller account
thank you very much !!!!! :notworthy
GOOD WORKS GUYS !!!!!!!!! :thumbsup:

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