Terrorists earn money?


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Feb 20, 2004
Hi everybody,

Terrorists use different sources of financing of their operations. There is an opinion, that some ephemeral dishonest payment processing companies, which offer Credit Card processing solutions, are connected to the terrorists and use the stolen money for financing terrorist operations in different areas of the world.

See the example of such a company -
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Now they are subject to investigation of The Internet Fraud Complaint Center which is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).

What do you think?



We have run adult site with FCMS.
In December we got email that the bank had stopped processing. Till now they are installing new merchant account. They owe us not too much (about 2k) but we didn't get that money and I think we lost it at all.
I'm going to send my clients e-mail to make chargebacks on their cards. I hope it significantly raise chargeback ratio on FCMS account.

FCSM, Cassey Parrish and World Wide Billing are cheaters.

Terrorists? May be. Be aware them.

Stop murders!

A series of explosions in Madrid and numerous human victims was arranged on money which steal from us such companies as FC Merchant Services and World Wide Billing! Let's stop their fraud activity!

Let's stop murders!
Big Difference between FCMS & FCMs

Alexander (PAV)~

While I do understand how you want to "inform" others about the risks of merchant processing, I think it best you double check your sources or in this case acronyms before making accusations.

Yes it is true that the FBI is investigating FCMs (Future Commissions Merchants Services) not FCMS.

Big Difference.

It is true that Merchant processing can very risky. Very risky for both parties involved. The merchant for getting a fly by night processor and the Bank for accepting a merchant whos' only intent is fraud.

What is the best way to protect yourself? References. Ask for references from the processor. Then validate those references. There is a reason that banks and processor do this, adopting it couldn't hurt.

As far as terrorism, once again there are many merchant accounts that have been set up to only push plastic then take that money to use for acts of terrorism. That is why there is the list of Nations the United States cannot do any business with. Especially in the banking industries.

I hope that this has cleared up some information and provided some advice.

Alexander (PAV) ~ I am sure we will meet again on another Forum.
Thanks, Sydney!

Sydney: Thank you very much for having paid so much attention to my posts and for your advices. I really appreciate them.

We shall necessarily meet on different forums, this discussion seems to be long. I think you foolow me: I have determined my purposes and I dont care, how much forces and time it will take me to achieve them.

In some aspects you are right, but I can not agree with you agree in others.

The logic of your accusations is that, that I am fully guilty. Really, Ive committed a number of mistakes. But the main goal I follow putting my posts is to warn others of these mistakes.

The main mistake, which I have committed, is my cooperation with FC Merchant Services a fraud and criminal company. And telling others about FC Merchant Services I am not discussing the mechanism of interaction between bank and processor, processor and casino. It is common knowledge for those who work in gambling.

You try to lead the discussion away. Putting my posts I tried to show the mecanism of cheating clients by FC Merchant Services. In other words, I tell how they work and what they do to deceive clients. My purpose is to inform everybody and everywhere in high risk operations zone about the swindlers methods and to name them in a specific way. I believe that there are many fair and honest people in on-line business who like me try to work honestly and openly. And I want to warn these people of cooperating with FC Merchant Services (new URL
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). Let it be my contribution to development of civilized relations in on-line. Ill be persistent following my purpose. I shall do it untill FC Merchant Services and others like them are punished.

Well, and certainly I would like to get my honourly earned money back.. I dont want to be hypocritical: it is also one of the purposes I follow.


P.S. About terrorism. With my posts I want to draw special bodies attention to the fact that the stolen money may be used for terrorist purposes too.
Terrorists earn money?? - Justify accusations plese


You were correct...we did meet again.
(See link
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search message board for the name of alex or alexander)

Alex, what mechanisms are you trying to explain?? There are no mechanisms that you explain. Only accusations that when I provide a counterpoint to or clarification you do not answer.

I do agree that is sounds like the person(s) you work with did not explain things to you. Person being, Cassey Parrish. I to had my issues with her as apparently many others, she is no longer with the company. The other person you mentioned in your other post, Benjamni Cossell, did he introduce you to Cassey? What was his role? I apologize for not being able to give you informaiton in regards to him, I do not recognize his name in the Payment Processing industry.

Your life long passion to slander this company is one that is admired for stanima but pitied for lack of understanding.

Alex, if your allegations were true you would have no problem in having an attorney to assist you in this matter. There are now a number of attorney's that assist large and small merchants with problems they have had with processor in the bankcard industry.

As far as your accusations to them on terrorism, once again yes there is a FCMs that the FTC is looking into. However it is the company is called "Future Commisions Merchant Services".
They are in the Commodities industry. You always seem to forget that part.

I do appreciate that you have somewhat corrected your allegations of terrorism but still they are unfounded. Once again that is your opinion to fuel your fire but there is no proof. It is true that there are companies that use Payment processing to fund their fraudulent and violent acts but to accuse a company without any proof would be just as ridiculous as someone accusing your company of the same thing.

What is the name of your company? How long have you been in the business? Did the company you used before FCMS work well for you? Were you able to find someone that would assist you in your company's processing services? If so, how do you like working with them? Is there any positive end to your story?

I know you have stated that you feel that I lead the disscussion, but all I do is provide another point that you were not aware of or did not consider. If you feel that I lead the topic or make you look bad, well that is up to you...maybe part of you saying I have valid point, I do not know.

Do I feel that this was all your fault as you have stated. NO. I believe you had people who just did not try to work with you to help you understand the process. However, the actions that you have taken from here on out...yes I do feel that any reprecussion you receive will be due to fault of your own.

As always Alex, PPAAVV, Slakic it is a pleasure chating with you and I wish you the best in your quest and I do hope you put twice as much postive energy in your business for the amount of negative that seems to be eating up your time.

Take care

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