Tell me What YOU are doing to FIGHT This Online Gambling Bill?


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Oct 16, 2003
Come on People - what are you personally doing to try and get AMERICA in the "KNOW" about this Bill?

It HAS NOT been signed into LAW yet -

People - Send emails - talk to people - Post on Forums - Write your Newspaper... Go online and Look UP Newspapers and SUBMIT NEWS TIPS... Do ANYTHING - pass the word... Pass the Links you can find here and on other forums...


At first I was watching and waiting...

But the more I waited - the more I realized the media is NOT covering this...

That it is being COVERED UP By SCANDALS and other "Headline News"...

I also realized that MAIN AMERICA does NOT know about this Bill.

And NO ONE IS DOING anything to tell them.

It isn't about Gambling - the Bill isn't about Online Gambling.

It's about making Banks and ISPs watchdogs do WARRANTLESS SEARCHES of your INTERNET ACTIVITY and giving that information to the government.

The same Government that is supposed to be protecting your privacy.

So what the heck are you DOING ABOUT IT?

Tell me... Cause I need to know that you - as a community actually care.

That you're not just here for the ride and winning - you're here for the Gambling Community - and for Americans (and for the world as a whole!)

Wager Witch

I'm posting this both to GG and Casinomeister. I need to know that my community is working together - cohesively!

I called the White House last week.....mentioned there are 25 million poker players in the United States....every poll has an 80-90% no dont want it banned.

If you would like to call the White House....its 202-456-1414

and 202-456-1111
There is an election in less than a month. Bush's party is in major major trouble.

I don't want to sound defeatist, but Bush is going to sign the illegal online gambling bill into law no matter what.

Bush NEEDS something, anything to take to 'his' religious fundamentalist supporters to show them that he has been working on American morals by trying to do away with the evils of gambling online... by taking away the freedoms from the 'bad' Americans who’s leisure time activities offend 'his' followers religious sensitivities.

The truly sad thing is that Bush thinks he NEEDS to sign this bill to help get his buddies reelected, Bush signing this bill is a fact waiting to happen.

I think the next step is not trying to get Bush not to sign (cuz he is no matter what). The next step should be working on trying to to get this new law thrown out, by use of the courts, and that means someone (an American) has to be arrested and go to jail first to take on the law...
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I would tend to agree bush isnt going to veto, i think efforts should be made on other fronts rather then getting bush not to sign this bill. For these reasons i think that battle is lost
1. The bill passed with almost no votes against. (Bush's veto would probably useless 2/3 majority would almost definetly pass the bill anyway)
2. Bush supporters would string him up if he vetoed a bill that tightens port security.
3. Bush has vetoed 1? bill, a stem cell research that vioalates his entire christian conservative stance.
4. Bush is clearly in favor of both the port security act and illegal online gambling bill.
5. Were Bush to veto this bill, the republicans would lose many many votes in the upcoming elections. This is the port security bill with an internet gambing bill attatched not the other way around.
6. While 80-90% of americans supposedly are opposed to the anti online gambling bill (assuming these polls have any element of truth), im guessing alot more back the port security biill.

I think working for awareness is a good thing, but i dont think you should be trying to change bush's perspective. Awareness may help the WTO situation (doubtful) or help a case make it to court and give online gambling better chances of coming out alive. Awareness may also effect future bills and possibly a new bill changing this one. There is even the chance that this could help make some effect on how US legislation works. This and many more positive effects are definitely possible, but Bush vetoing, i think you are more likely to get struck by lightning 12 times in the next 2 minutes.
You guys are missing a piece of the whole...

BUSH ---- CAN ---- Remove any ADDITIONS ----- BEFORE Signing!

He can send ANY part of it back to Congress.

And you can be darn sure Republicans are in HOT water.

Get the public informed.

I have always voted Republican except for the last Presidential Race.

I have become Non-Partisan.

But - AWARENESS is the first step and we have 2 days.

Or less than 2 days!

Wager Witch
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This is what I have been posting and sending to every media outlet:

Sign - Lets continue to get the message out!
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Please, view and rate to increase exposure.
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Get media contacts to spread the word.
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If we do nothing we WILL lose our rights...

Anthony, Auditing Director -
Gamesandcasino lists videos, voting places and articles on the bottom of this page:
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Casinomeister newscast included, of course!

The more the merrier. The APCW has done some great stuff here! :thumbsup:

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