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Jan 19, 2002
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For anyone who had any association with GoneGambling, be it as a member, a sponsoring casino or a webmaster in the online gaming industry, the name John Abbott should come straight to mind.

I’m incredibly crushed to be posting that John lost his 5-year, hard-fought battle to cancer, yesterday.

John was a true pioneer in the industry, beginning GoneGambling in 1999. He had no idea what he was doing, but his creative genius and sheer determination brought about a website unlike any other. This was not just an online gambling website—GoneGambling was a true community…and a giant at that! In its glory days, no other site could compete with the sort of traffic and membership GoneGambling had.

John’s newsletters were legendary, telling tales of his wife (The Ball and Chain) and his two daughters (Precious and the Rodent). These newsletters were hysterical…anyone reading would be treated to a weekly sitcom and you just KNEW the Abbott family by his writings.

Because of John, I’ve been able to enjoy more than 22 years in the online gaming industry. I was a member at GoneGambling and during one of his member chats, he learned I had a background in marketing and advertising. I wasn’t working at the time and one day I received an email from John asking if I’d come to work for him as a ‘links manager.’ I had no clue what a links manager was and John had no clue either, for that matter. He just knew that he needed some help…and I knew I needed a job. John lived in Australia and I was in the U.S.. We’d never met or even had so much as a phone call. We both went into this with blind trust and well, the rest is history. I had the great fortune to work for John for 5 ½ years and then later (when I had taken over GoneGambling), he came back to work for me for a few years.

John could be gruff and some would find him abrasive. Anyone who felt this, simply did not know the man that John was. Without a doubt, John was at his core, kind, hard-working, loyal and incredibly generous. When he’d hear of a member in need, he’d blindly help out. I can’t count the number of times when John would send substantial donations to varying world disasters…anonymously. He never wanted any accolades for helping others.

I could go on and on about what a special man John Abbott was. For me, he was a mentor…a best friend…a bitter enemy…a father-figure…a pesky little brother…all rolled up into one very big guy. I will forever be indebted to him and will treasure him always. RIP, John Abbott. You did good.

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This is very sad news indeed. John was the very first webmaster who I reached out to in 1998 while trying to figure out this i-gaming industry and how we could work together. Which we did in the early days. Casinomeister and Gonegambling had loads of joint promotions for all of our members - sharing traffic, stats, everything. These were the early days of the industry when it was fun, and webmasters were considered webmasters - not tagged with the pejorative "affiliate". We worked together with friendly competition, and not with this aggravating selfish competitive garbage as you see now.

I am one of the few folks who actually met the dude. Here is some history about him and the GoneGambling website.
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My condolences to his wife, his kids, and entire family. I am honoured to have known John, and thankful for his influence on me and his amazing personality. He is sorely missed.
In the early 2000s, GoneGambling was the most popular site out there. They had an amazing way to build up points in order to recieve bonuses and promotions - we never considered them a competetor, but as a cyber colleage. And visa versa. The igaming industry has changed so much since then - for the worst. It was a load of fun, and if anyone rode the "fun" wave, it was John and crew.
I still own GoneGambling and it is due a revival - we have relaunched the forum only just recently without any fan fare (since it needs loads of work still :p).
I remember John quite well.

Gonegambling was the first gambling industry website I joined, back in 2000.
I communicated with John by e-mail numerous times that first year, and found him to be a witty and interesting man.

I also first met Greedygirl (Debbee) on GG.

Rest In Peace, John.

You were one COOL DUDE!!

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