Taking A Break.


New World Order
Aug 27, 2008
The biG Eu
I have spent a fair amount of my time reading through different posts here. And a fair amount of time the past 5 weeks gambling. Tonight out of the blue I decided it was time to take a break. Its not the first time I have done this and wont be the last im sure.

The past month or so has been alot of fun. Some decent wins, cashouts even and naturally losses. I can ride the financial hits... but not the time lost. One thing I relized tonight was that I had started spending more time messing n playing at the 2 casinos im a member at rather than put my time & effort into my work and to some extent the past 2 days my family. Danger point for me is if my family and work start to go on back burn becuase of my playing.

I saw this the past few days and so decided to take a break. Big Kudos to the 2 casinos who blocked my ass (on my request) they know who they are and 1 in particular was more than helpfull. No regrets - it was so much fun, but now as at other times in my life its time to take a break. If I dont it could become a problem for me.... somthing I want to avoid at all cost.

Its kind of refreshing when I get to this point. The gamblers break from the game. Somehow self exclusion always works for me and stops me in my tracks. I find a casino every 6 months or so, play for a while then do what I have done tonight. I know I should probably stop for life but therapy is so depressing and to be honest I dont ever want to stop, just to keep it under control. This is my way of doing that. And well thats about it for me until around August Sept :) :thumbsup: