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Jul 20, 2003
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I got $30 reload bonus yesterday. Got 2 hours break tonight, so I started to play there! Play some slot balance was $20, then Black Jack up and down to $4, then Lady Luck say hi to me. It went up to $108. Haha! (I wasn't even try to win wining, just for fun!)

I really love this casino. Excellent Customer Service, Fast pay out, nice bonus, reasonable wager requirement and best of all is I WIN more than loose ~~~ LOL ! No wonder I love it!!

Meister, thank you for bring this great casino out. This is one of the best !!!
How do you fund/cash-out with these folks? Aren't they a bit funky when it comes to Neteller? I recall checking a while back, and learned that they will not pay any winnings over the amount of your original deposit back to Neteller (winnings paid only via check or wire), so I steered clear. Is that still the case?
Caps - I can't help you with the Neteller, try Live Help.

All my transactions with SV have been by credit/debit card.

All cash-outs received back by card including winnings within days.

Part of SportingBet - very reliable.

Best of luck.
I had been receiving most of my withdrawal via Neteller even I deposit via other way. And if they can't withdrawal, they will contact you. It happened to me last time because I deposit via Firepay and ask withdrawal via Neteller.

They offer Wire transfer for free and I got in 2 business days.

Then I deposit and withdrawal via Neteller again. No problem! The amount is more than my deposit, too.

They have an excellent CS. They usually contact you within 1 day! I just ask to withdrawal last night.( the $30 bonus turn to $100) and I got it this morning via Neteller already!
Thanks. I'll reconfirm with them on the Neteller withdrawal issue -- it's the only way I play anymore. I like BM generally (I can't help but call them "BM"), particularly when the banking is handled in-house by a reputable outfit, rather than by WebDollar.
YAYYYYYYYYYY for you my friend!! And way to go for cashing out quick! YOU GO GIRL! I am gonna try this casino while I still may have a little bit of luck : )
Best of luck to you!
Wanda :yes:
Thanks, Wanda. You are such a sweet heart! I try to control myself (not always work. LOL)!! It make up my $100 lost at Casino-On-Net. I really love this casino. They have superfast cash out! Do you get your $8000 yet?

Caps, I am very sure you can withdrawal more than your deposit via Neteller. I don't like Firepay charge me for withdrawal money to my bank, so I always ask Neteller if possible. BM is a good name... And yes, I am not a big fan of Webdollar, either.

They offer a very good comp promotion on 11/17-11/24. If you want, I can forward the email to you. Good luck!
bewitch...You think its worth a shot to play BlackJack at SuperVegas Casino?
There wager requirements, to me, are vague.
Can you please simplify them for me?
Are they trustworthy?
Will they pay back to my Neteller with no problems?

Thank You
lanidar. They will pay you back via Neteller unless Neteller rejected it. It happened to me 3 times at different casino. I think it's because I didn't depsoit via Neteller then. They usually handle payout in 1 day and will email you if there is problem. Very good service to my experience.

Abut the Black Jack.... It's Boss Media. Some people at WOL think it's rigged (so do all the other casino ...) Well, not to me. It's pretty fair as I played at Boss Media Casino for 3-4 months now.

The bonus, you have to play 10 x bonus amount to cash out. But you can withdrawal your money (without bonus) anytime you want no matter win or lose. Their system will tell you how much is your max withdrawal amount. It happened to me at my first deposit ($300). I felt "lost" and quit , got my deposit back. But I got an email from them said I have $75 in my account a month later. Still don't know why... And I usually made profit after that..

One more thing, the sportbook cashier handle the casino payment. You need to close the casino first. Otherwise, you will see the balance is 0. I think they transfer the money to chip and back to cash. And the bonus will NOT show at your balance at sportbook account until you met the wager requirement. It only show at casino software.

Hope I explain enough to you. BUT PLEASE check with them if you have any question.

This is the link to their Nov. Promotion newsletter. Good luck!

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Dear Linda, Thank you!
Miss you ~ And Wish You Enough...(Great article. Thank you for sending to me. Jinnia sent me the same one at same
hahahaha!! Great minds do think alike ...
Well, bewitch, I just won a very quick $400 here playing blackjack. We'll see how promptly it shows up in my Neteller account -- if it's as quick as iNetBet or Crockfords, I suspect that it will rapidly become a favorite.
WTG! Caps! Good job!

My first withdrawal is 2 days because my register email is different from my neteller email. I am not sure they handle withdrawal at weekend or not.

Keep me update when you get paid. Nice to hear this. Does this including sign up bonus or just your own money? What games do you play?

We went to a party at a bar until 1:30 a.m. this morning. I didn't drink because I am the driver for the night. It's a lazy Fall Sunday here... Have a good one!

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Sounds like the place to play. Does any one lose? If not, it will be just my luck going in now. :(
jigga, I wish I can say YES. But this is gambling... I usually do good here (not a big win because I am not a big bet player). BUT I lost bad at other BM casino before.

Sounds you need a good luck. They do offer an nice comp program and is having promotion now. Remember to write down your total comp points from 11/17-11/23 and email them. They will give extra credit! PLEASE ask their Customer Service for the details...

Good luck!
After receiving an email yesterday informing that, because of some sort of technical issue with Neteller, they wouldn't be able to process the payment on Sunday, the loot showed up in my Neteller account first thing this morning. I appreciated the helpful heads up on the payment delay, and appreciated even more getting the money this morning without any problem.
Glad to hear you get paid without any problem. I really think their payment department has great CS.

Today I made a small profit $129 during my lunch break. Time to stop and back to my life now.

Caps, it sounds you are very happy with this casino. Have a good one!
Good to see everyone doing so well at SV.

Dont forget you can claim $30 on the 10th of each month. WR (30x1=30) + (30x10=300) = 330 before cash-in.

E-mail promotions after wagering the $30 once.

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Boss, love em.
Nice going caps.

Bewitch, i gotta say, you are the sweetest person in the world. Actually, to be fair, it's not that i do so bad at casinos, it's just that i rarely cash out. And we all know what happens to those of us who don't cash out....
Hi Jigga,

You could not have said it any better. Bewitch is extremely sweet and loves when people win. She brings much delight to this forum.

As for rarely cashing out, welcome to my I am the same way.
<,<,Actually, to be fair, it's not that i do so bad at casinos, it's just that i rarely cash out. And we all know what happens to those of us who don't cash out....>,>,

LOL! I had the same problem. That's why I like superfast payout!!! Thank you for the nice words. It seems like the cashout out button is hiding and the pending withdrawal is always smile at you. LOL~

I had super luck at here these 2 days (considering I only bet $4-$6 per hand on BJ). I deposit $621 (without bonus) and made up to $846 with Black Jack and Pariot slots after 430 comps points wager. Hope they won't kick me out when I ask the prize after 11/23.

I asked withdrawal ($600) 2 days ago and they had problem with Neteller again (???) but they are willing to bank wire for free. Can't compliant about this. However, I cancel that withdrawal and played few more and decide to stop last night! I asked another withdrawal $821 again. Let's see what will happen!

I am done for a while now. Holiday is coming and we are having an oversea trip to visit my families. It's a very expensive and long trip, so the winning will help a lot here. Got to grab and run until Feb next year~ Budget control.... ^-^

Have the best luck to you all~

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