Question SuperLenny refusing document


Sep 7, 2016
Hey guys,

Recently I won some money at SuperLenny and decided to withdraw it. After a while they sended me an e-mail that they want: Proof of Address, Neteller screenshot (my e-mail, min. 1 deposit + accountnumber) and ID/Pass.

There was no problem for me and I sended out an e-mail with all the documents needed.

Funny enough, they reject my dutch bank statement where it states my address + date of issue of the statement. They rejected it since it does not show properly the address and the date. The thing is that I use at every casino the same documents and got verified without a problem. After that I went in to an full discussion with them about the document and after a while I just sended out an regular document and they accepted it.

How can a casino accept a regular proof of address and not an official bankstatement document? Is this even possible, lol?
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Game old gal
Mar 13, 2008
I think a lot can depend on how your bank displays information, and sometimes there may be a language barrier as well.

Glad it got sorted easily enough with a different document.

One we see quite often is they won't accept an online statement, or the PDF you can download.

But print that PDF and take a photo with all the edges showing and bam, you're good to go.

There's a tremendous benefit to being a CM member and having access to the reps of the casinos here. They can often sort such silly matters.

A bit ago a rep helped me when I had sent a scan of a credit card with the middle eight digits blanked out, which is the usual requirement and it was rejected as the casino wanted only six. I have difficulties with my phone not communicating well with my computer, and refusing to send attachments to my email address. The rep pushed it through for me, and we've seen tons of similar stories over the years.