Stolen creditcard - who will pay???



Somebody has used my creditcard to play at a casino and lost a lot of my money I have reported the card stolen (but after it had been used) and told the casino. They say that the games has been played from my IP-adress. I have a lot of people coming and going in my house so maybe one of these did it.
The casino wants the following information in order to help me:

---photocopy of the letter from the bank showing that the credit card(s)
was reported stolen or lost.
---photocopy of the credit card statement showing your full name &
---photocopy of your passport, driver license, or other photo ID.

I have all these informations but why does the casino need it? Will they help me?
My bank have also stated that they would look into the matter if I sign a paper permitting them to make an investigation. I am a bit affraid of doing this because what happens if these investigations show that the transactions was made from my computer??? Can the bank proove this or?
I hope that somebody can help me because I do not know who have done it and would not press any charges anyway. What do I risk sending these papers to the casino and signing in the bank???
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Without knowing the detail, I would say that the casino is taking reasonable precautions to defend itself against fraud - there are a lot of crooked players as well as crooked casinos out there. So as a first step they checked your IP and now they want to see the detail to assure themselves that you are who you say you are and that you can produce documentary evidence that you have done what you said you would do.

Put yourself in their place - wouldn't you want to be doubly sure in a case like this?

Whether you discover the perpetrator and charge him or her or not the casino will still require this documentation.

It's unusual but not unheard of for a member of a player's family to do this kind thing. I know what I would do to any member of my family who prejudiced me like this!


Thank you for your comment.
Still I would like to know if there is anything I can do. I think it is unlikely that the casino will repay me, no?? The deposit has been made from another (but related) IP adress, but the person knew my password to the casino.
But what about my bank? Can they do anything for me, when I will not press charges and will they believe me? Who can proove what in situation like this. Please help me???


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As much as I hate to side with a casino... your case doesn't lend itself well to sympathy. "Someone" used your credit card from a related (to yours) IP address. If the casino refunded your money (credit)... what's to stop EVERY single losing player out there from making the same claim? If the card was used from a non-related IP address, I'd be on your side.

Unfortunately, this just doesn't make much sense. If anything, you have a problem with the person who is in your household (or coming and going) that A.) stole your credit card B.) knows your casino ID and password, and C.) for some unknown pleasure... decided to fund your account without telling you. The fact that they lost only magnifies the problem. I would expect someone very desperate after losing much needed money or credit could also devise a story like this. Can you see that angle?

It shouldn't be hard to identify who it was (since it all happened at your residence). If the amount is astronomical... I'd advise a full fledged criminal investigation as per your banks request... otherwise, shore up your card and account security, repremand the perp... and chalk it up to experience. And hopefully this isn't a multiple personality that did this.


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I have to agree. It's not the casinos fault that you:

*couldn't keep your card secure
*couldn't keep your computer secure
*couldn't keep your casino account password secure

Get real. You are, presumably, an adult; and have an idea of who had access to all these things. Go after the thief yourself, or be more smart about choosing your friends, or discipline your kids.


Of course it works, its called chargeback, obviously not something the casino will do willingly. Story smells fishy eh? At first it sounds like someone opened an account in his name, but then they knew his password/ID?? CC#?? Access to his computer???


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