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Dear guys,

i have been away for a long time. I recall that Steve Adkins used to point out problem with Starnet affiliates systems. Does anyone knows about what's the latest updates ? Is it still unreliable as before ?

Need ur advise :)



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There is no problem with starnet affiliates.
You can check out

There they use both starnet and other affiliates.
Try also to play there!


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Give me a break.... this site Great is just a affiliate site , not even finish yet ... no theme soul ... no brand... no whatever you call it...

Give me some honest opinion of Starnet systems , and if you don't know, just shut up


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Yeah jgerousis, give it a break. I agree with Timothy, not much going on at; especially concerning the information that he's looking for.

As for Starnet affiliate programs, which casinos are you looking at? In fact, you should join the webmaster's section. There's a bit of information there.



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Ok Bryan , I would like to join the webmaster scetion. Currently I have problems with my mail server , so I will use a temp email . I'll email you now. Thanks. Tim



I've been browsing around this forum for quite some time and this will be my first post.

I might be able to offer some insider information regarding the Starnet/WG Affiliate program.

I used to be the Manager at Club Rio Casino (old WG software) and I'm currently the Manager at Black Rhino Casino. Black Rhino used to run Starnet/WG's new 3.2 software.

Among the many reasons for leaving World Gaming, inaccurate partner statistics was a major issue.

I don't want to get into any further details in a public forum, however anyone can email me at and I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Best regards,
Ryan Lesperance
Black Rhino Casino