Under Review StarGames : predatory policies and siezed balances


Complaints (PAB) Manager
Staff member
Five weeks ago a player brought a curious case to us: after several years as a regular customer of StarGames (stargames.com) his balance was confiscated and he was locked out of his account. No real explanation was given, all they'd say was:
Due to a severe breach of our General Terms and Conditions ... your account *snip* has been blocked. You have been excluded permanently from our platform.
After our previous contact at SG failed to respond I took the case to casino Support and got this reply (my emphasis):
Dear Mr Drayman,

Thank you for your message regarding player *snip*.

This account was blocked and the player was banned from our platform due to a
violation of our General Terms & Conditions, section G. Misconduct:
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Unfortunately we are not in a position to provide any further details on this
matter, however in such cases we are within our rights to retain unrightfully
gained winnings, in particular when the player has already been paid out more
than he has deposited on his account

In case of future complaints made against Stargames on your site, please send
any correspondence to this email address.

Kind regards,
Stargames Support Team
So there you have it: your money is their money when they decide it is. Don't like it? Talk to the hand.

Be Aware: your balance at StarGames is in severe jeopardy if they decide you win more than you lose. Players are STRONGLY ADVISED to look elsewhere for their casino services.

Since SG is licensed in Malta I'll be contacting them for assistance with this player's case but regardless of how that turns out their attitude is more than enough to justify this Warning. Unbelievable!


Complaints (PAB) Manager
Staff member
The casino has a new affiliate team that have come forward and promised to work freely with us on player issues. They've also seen to it that the PAB which precipitated the original warning was resolved and the player has confirmed this.

Under these new circumstances it seems reasonable to start a probation period for the new team: if there are no problems over the next 60 days the Warning will be withdrawn and archived.