Star Clusters™ early access competition

Did you check allbritish? Mine was added there.
Did they add both weekly and monthly ? Ive checked allbritish yako casino casino and hyper nothing on any xx
I want to enter this so bad. But skint and waiting on l&l prize so I can try and get 100x !

You all can stop entering now ;) xx

I had £10 on All British but no joy on Lil Devil to go with the no joy yesterday on bonus rounds from WWTBAM, White Rabbit, Lil Devil, Donuts and efforts on Opal Fruits, Bonanza and The Final Countdown.

A bonus run so bad i was convinced i was playing another provider :)

I am hoping for a ticket also.
Can’t work out if I’ve missed the boat on this one, but here’s my screen shot from Guts tonight.
Actually annoyed as was playing £1 bets then when I reduced the bet on my last 20p I triggered the bonus... ah well, least I ended up with a wee cash out :)
Awwww........ come on man!

BTG Bonuses have never been so dry for me.

Screenshot 2020-06-04 at 04.26.21.png

Guess you cant have all the luck, Ive had a little run.

Shame i didnt get earlier access to this early access comp, good luck all.

I am mind f'"*">*g BTG, P Diddy style now and playing the waiting game 'oh yeah, thought you had me on the ropes didnt ya!?' :p

Last golden ticket is mine!
Just at Betsson
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