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Sporting Odds Casino wagering requirements problem

Discussion in 'Online Casino and Poker Complaints - old section' started by kavaman, Nov 22, 2005.

    Nov 22, 2005
  1. kavaman

    kavaman Senior Member PABnononaccred3 PABnononaccred3 MM

    Ok. First time in a while im having some problems with a casino. This one should be quite reputable as i think sportingbet owns it. However this is a seperate casino, running on Boss Media software. Im having some major problems with them. Their rules tell that wagering requirements are zeroed out if deposit and bonus is lost. So i should have only had the requirements for 25 deposit 25 bonus=500 from 16/11/05, however they claim that i have some weird requirements of 685 left, and that i have two bonuses which requirements i should fullfill. Even though i zeroed out earlier on 03/11/05, and even though i wagered 500-700 on 16/11/05. Below is my conversation with their support. The enquiries email which is to head office does not reply to emails nearly everytime, and it takes about 1-3 days if it does, so i generally dont ever know has my email even went trough and i am just waiting that maybe someone will read my email, and clear the wagering requirements.
    I can do the 200 more if thats what they require, but i know i should be entitled to cash-in right now.... But i just dont get the 685....

    Below is my converstion with their live support if someonewants to read ;)

    You are now chatting with 'Teresa'
    Teresa: How may I help you today?
    customer: hi.. its about my account.. some bonus problems..
    Teresa: Ok what exactly is the problem?
    customer: i got a mail from you that The wagering requirement currently stands at 1,385.00, and we have been informed that once you have wagered 685.00 of this wagering requirement, your wagering requirement can be reset, and therefore effectively corresponding to the correct requirement for the 2 25 bonuses. We do apologize should this have caused any inconvenience to you!
    customer: But i dont get it as i only got one bonus on 11/16/2005
    Teresa: Ok please hold for one moment
    customer: For the previous bonus i got on 11/03/05 i lost my deposit and bonus, so the wagering requirement for that should be 0.
    Teresa: Please hold one moment.
    customer: ok
    Teresa: Ok the $685 is for the current bonuses on your bonus balance, once you have wagered this we will reset your bonus requirement so that your funds can be converted to real money. So your bonus funds will be 0 and you will have $50 in real money to do with as you wish.
    customer: What are you talking about? I dont quite understand..
    customer: All my balance should at this point be in my real account
    customer: also my account is in
    customer: What you are saying that you carry over wagering requirements for previous bonuses where i have lost my deposit and bonus. However your terms and conditions say that "If you subsequently play and lose the bonus funds without completing the rollover requirement, it is not carried forward but zeroed out.".
    Teresa: Ok you have a bonus account of 50 your rollover requirement for this 1385 which is incorrect, so once you have reached 685 we will credit your account with all your bonus funds
    customer: But i didnt get 50 of bonus
    customer: I got 25
    customer: It shows an incorrect amount
    customer: Also it says 49.99
    customer: Which is impossible to get
    Teresa: when you wagered your 50 welcome bonus and 25 October reload bonus, the wagering requirement should have gone to 0
    Teresa: it didn't
    Teresa: then you received more bonuses
    customer: Yes. It should have gone to zero on 11/03/05 also
    Teresa: 25 Nov reload bonus and 25 Nov Reload Special
    customer: Yes but i zeroed on the first one
    customer: leaving me with only 500 of requirements=20x25
    Teresa: the new wagering requirement was added on top of the wagering requirement which should have zeroed out,
    customer: Yes i can see that.. but i have wagered atleast 700 or so, and my requirements should have only been 500..
    Teresa: therefore bringing the wagering requirement to 1385 - from which 685 is for the current bonus balance
    Teresa: which is 50
    customer: How does this 50 of bonus exactly add up?
    Teresa: once you have wagered the 685, we will reset the wagering requirement on your account
    customer: Because i only got 25..
    Teresa: which means that the 50 current bonus balance will convert to real money
    customer: Yes but i got 25 bonus only.. not 50
    Teresa: and your bonus balance and bonus wagering requirement will be 0
    customer: Havent i already wagered 685?
    Teresa: You received 2 reload bonuses for 25
    customer: Where do you get that 685 of requirements?
    Teresa: one on the 3/11/05 and the other 16/11/05
    customer: Yes but the first one shouldnt be added as i ZEROED out
    customer: Before 16/11/05 my balance was 0.. doesnt that mean zeroing out?
    customer: You just said "the new wagering requirement was added on top of the wagering requirement which should have zeroed out" Shouldnt the wagering requirements have been zeroed out also on 3/11/05 after me losing my deposit and bonus
    Teresa: your bonus requirement started on the 3/11/05, so you had to wager 500 from the 3/11/05 , then on the 16/11/you received another bonus which was another 500 requirement.
    customer: Yes but you just told me that if i lose the deposit and bonus my requirements should zero out correct?
    customer: I did on 3/11/05, these are two seperate bonuses and you are treating them as one..
    Teresa: when you lost 50 welcome bonus and 25 October reload bonus
    customer: Why are you talking about october this is november now.
    Teresa: the wagering requirement should have zeroed out
    Teresa: but for some reason it did not
    customer: You are saying that you only zero out wagering requirements once a month?
    Teresa: however, you have a casino bonus balance of 50
    Teresa: No
    customer: Well why didnt the requirements zero out on 3/11/05
    Teresa: because, your bonus balance wagering requirement did not zero out for the two used bonuses.
    Teresa: we only ask you to wager the correct amount for the current bonus balance of 50
    customer: My bonus balance was at 0
    Teresa: and once this is done
    customer: On 3/11/05
    Teresa: we will reset the wagering requirement, so that you can withdraw the bonus money
    customer: How exactly is it now at 50?
    Teresa: You received a bonus on the 3rd of November
    Teresa: you received another bonus on the 16th of November
    customer: Yes but the balance was at 0 at 4-15 november
    customer: How does it rise to 50 on 16th..
    customer: I lost my deposit and bonus on 3rd
    customer: Please explain to me why i now have to wager 685 so that i can understand it?
    Teresa: 25 Campaign Finished Bonus system 11/03/2005 19:31:24 NOV Reload Bonus ...(
    Teresa: 25 Campaign Finished Bonus system 11/16/2005 19:17:04 25 Reload Special
    Teresa: These are the bonuses in your account
    customer: I dont have the first one there
    customer: To this logic i should have all the bonuses from previous months also
    Teresa: That is in your bonus account, bonuses expire if you do not reach the requirements
    Teresa: once you have reached the requirement your bonus account will go to 0
    customer: Why 685?
    Teresa: That is the bonus requirement
    customer: 50x20=1000
    customer: 25x20=500
    customer: why 685$
    Teresa: Because you have already wagered 315 towards this
    customer: I have wagered lots more then that
    customer: on 16/11
    customer: Like i said i have wagered about 600-700$ on 16/11
    customer: Can you please check how much i have wagered on blackjack on 16/11 because im sure i wagered atleast 500-700
    customer: Are you still there teresa?
    Teresa: Please hold one moment.
    Teresa: the total for Nov 3 and Nov 16 is 852.50 minus the wagering before bonuses were credited, 50, which brings the wagering towards bonus money to 802.50 If you wish to dispute this amount please contact the head office at This email is not visible to you., unfortunately we cannot change the amount from here
    customer: So where did that 685 come from?
    customer: This would mean i have about 200 of wagering left not 685?
    Teresa:I am only advising you on what head office has told, I cant make any decisions on this.
  2. Nov 23, 2005
  3. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom

    I recall some complaints about this group of companies before. It looks like CS that simply reiterate what is in front of them without taking in your point that the WR should be counted only on the 25 bonus taken after zeroing out.
    I have noticed before that the bonus WR does not properly zero out if you have a few pence left which you cannot play, and then put another bonus on top. I had one like this where I wagered "forever" and it still didn't release the funds. CS told me I had a few quid left to wager so I did and it did reset.
    I think zeroing out must be ZERO, not balance less than 1 as in other casinos. Perhaps a video slot with 1p per line can be used to get rid of this residue (I am not sure if they have this as I have played Blackjack and VP, and the 20p progressive Aladdins Lamp). I have never withdrawn from Sporting Odds, so cannot say how reliable this process is, but they are supposed to be able to pay out direct to my debit card.
  4. Nov 23, 2005
  5. tombomb

    tombomb Dormant account

    right here
    marathon session

    At some of the casinos that take 2-10 minutes to respond each time on live chat it would have taken hours to get all that out.i'll put them on my personal casinos that suck list.
  6. Nov 23, 2005
  7. kavaman

    kavaman Senior Member PABnononaccred3 PABnononaccred3 MM

    My balance was at exactly 0, at that point not a penny more.

  8. Nov 24, 2005
  9. kavaman

    kavaman Senior Member PABnononaccred3 PABnononaccred3 MM

    I think the issue has now been resolved. My bonus balance was converted to my real balance. Lets see how the withdrawal goes...


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