Sporting Bet Poker Review


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
I signed up through an affiliate that gives back poker related goods and went on to collect up to $100 in bonuses from Sporting Bet in addition to a texas holdem table top from the affiliate. You get $30 for 100 raked hands followed by $70 more at 500 raked hands. The catch is that only $1/$2 counts towards the requirements which I dont get, any higher limit does not and you must put money in the pot for it to count as a raked hand. Two rules that are not industry norm.

Sporting Bet is a very credible sports book that offers a casino as well. My cashout was processed in less then 24 hours.

The players were absolutely terrible. I have never seen such bad play anywhere. The games were easy money IMO.

Support was slightly above average, they were informed but not terribly quick, possibly because I am a 5 hour time difference from them and they keep normal UK hours.

The software gets an F-, it is the worst software I have ever played. It is Boss Media but is far worse then Bugsy's Club. For starters you can only play 1 table making it hard to clear the bonus. The annoying nature of the software also made it about impossible to play any other room while playing the 1 table.

Second when tables fill new table do not appear making it hard to play 1/2 which is needed to clear bonus, if the existing 6tables are full, 3 6 max and 3 full tables, then you cant clear the bonus. They have the same # of tables no matter how busy they are.

Also the lobby does not update stats. If it says avg pot is $x and flop % x% it will say this same number hours later. If you need to go to cashier in the middle of game you can not. You must get up from the table. If you use pre action buttons (like hitting fold me in turn) the buttons are not in same place when it is your turn so you can accidentally hit wrong button if it pops up on your turn.

When I was playing 3/6 I noticed the small blind was $1.50, something I have never seen in a 3/6 game but on your turn it just tells you to call $1 but puts $1.50 in the pot for you.

There is also no "auto post blind" or "leave at my blind" option, you just have to make sure to get up before the blind gets to you or it will keep posting you. Also there is not a "wait for big blind" option either, it pops up every hand until it gets to you asking to post out of turn.

Sporting Bet just purchased Paradise Poker, maybe in an attempt to merge the two rooms in the future. As most know Paradise has about the best software out there.

If you can tolerate all the terrible software flaws the bad players almost make up for it in my opinion. I did not bother to clear the last $70 as I could not stand it any longer. Hopefully they will merge this with Paradise and get these players into that network.