Dormant account
Jan 25, 2006
anyone else gettin bombarded with offers? after getting all my emails, from all the casinos that told me they no longer accept play from the u.s., my mailbox is full everyday from the same damn casinos offering bonus'. driving me nuts. how can they not know i dont have accounts with them anymore? lol.:confused:
I've getting a fair few more this last month from dodgy casinos or crappy white labels. Only to be expected I guess now the good casinos have pulled out of the US or certain States, the sharks are circling :cool:
Yep, I think we are all getting them. I am getting a TON more from reputable casinos as well (directly - no affiliate).

Not cool, in my book :(
Just the opposite here. My inbox hasn't seen much action since the 'ban'. I kind of miss getting to choose among all the offers.

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