sometimes it’s nice to win

Apr 7, 2021
so around a 3 weeks ago i won £550 on spela casino. i was verified before as i always try and do that to stop any hold ups during withdrawal. anyway i requested withdrawl and they stalled me continuously i would send my ID then they would say they didn’t get it so i would send again including selfie holding passport and all that kind of shit. then they would text me and say they require more info it was a nightmare all this went on for about a week then i tried to login and account was closed and nobody would tell me anything, i thought about coming on here but i saw that genesis don’t have a rep and i also saw they recently got there license back, i wasn’t hopeful at all of getting this money, so i thought F it and fired of a letter before action detailing what i wanted them to do etc i got the letter from a site and copied the wording and added my own bits, low and behold this morning i got a detailed email back where they basically are going back on everything they said to me and have admitted in the response that they got my ID and documents 😡 and that they apologise for the inconvenience and that my withdrawl of £550 is now processed, crazy how a letter before action and a bit of legal nous has them backtracking and sending the money!!! just thought i would post this in case anybody else is having problems with a casino not paying out. also side note i was willing to take them to the small claims court if they hadn’t of responsed. they are lower than a snakes belly 🤢 do not touch genesis casinos guys. this had a happy ending but how many people are out there who wouldn’t think to send them a letter before action or small claims court i dread to think.

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