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Hi Bryan,

I have just stumbled accross a so called "watchdog" site and thought they were genuine until I started browsing through their site.

They are investigating all online Poker rooms and ask them several questions, which all are fair, but then they just jump to conclusions that are totally ridiculous and post this on their site.

The sites members can also just make a complaint, they just post it without any investigation and discredit operators who are known to be decent. I really started to laugh when you click at their suggested sites link and found out that they don't recommend anyone!

Their "suspicious" sites include 32red Poker (?!?!), Pacific Poker, PartyPoker and even Neteller is discredited since one of their members had some difficulty with them! Best one is where they first kiss ass with Pokerstars, then Pokerstars decline to have a feature about them on their website and they come to the conclusion that "Pokerstars now shows their true colors..."

The name of the website is
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Can you have a look at this site and give me your expert opinion on this? You can answer here or send me an e-mail if you like, I would love to hear your opinion on this one.

Kind regards,


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It's kind of sad reading some of their reviews. They assume right off the bat that these poker rooms are out to rip people off - including 32Red and such. Pessimistic pessimism stemming from inexperience in this industry and a lack of understanding the companies they approach before they approach them. Too much negativity for my taste.


The sad thing is, many people cannot distinguish the difference between fact and fiction. While some of us know better and wouldn't trust what is written there, many others will simply take it at face value.

I did a little digging and reading anyhow. 32Red is not on the blacklist - "exposed sites" apparently means that they did some "investigation" into the sites by sending out emails, probably in bulk, and then responding to those that came in with potentially more nasty emails in an effort to cause the operator to look stupid.

32Red actually came out shining after Pat Harrison responded very nicely and thoroughly to a very tactless email from a person named Doreen. Well done as always, 32Red - you guys continue to set the standard in the industry.

I then went on to read an Absolute Poker "expose" claiming that a virus was written to infiltrate Absolute Poker's systems and report back certain facts. Needless to say, I was incredulous at the claims that were being made - simply because there is no way in hell they could have conclusively discovered these "facts" through any sort of software program. If this were indeed the case, these con artists would not have exposed the flaws - they would simply have written a bot to take advantage.

Considering that there are lots of Absolute Poker complaints on their Breaking News list (and I have little doubt that most, if not all of them, are false), it is clear what the intent of the webmaster is.

Maybe it's time to "Expose Tactless and Untruthful Sites".

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