Someone hacked into my poker account with a Trojan

jpm said:
No, it wouldn't. An IP spoof would not show the same machine ID as his own.

Ok jpm, I'll let it go... for now :)

Might feel like debating this at a later date with you though :thumbsup:
Ok.. I'm back.. :)

I admit, I know very little about trojans..etc... SO, I emailed someone who does know...

From: "Gary Flynn" <XXXX.XXX>
To: "jinnia" <jinn@XXXX>
Sent: Thursday, October 28, 2004 11:05 AM
Subject: Re: Question on Remote Control Trojans

>jinnia wrote:
>I'm reading your site at::

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>and I am amazed at what these trojans can actually be used for. But
>there is one question that comes to mind that I didn't read. If your
>system becomes a victim by one of these horses, you stated that the
>person who might gain control of your machine can log into your bank
>accounts, perform everything you can as if it was you sitting in front
>of your monitor doing it yourself.

>My question is, if this happens, and lets say they log into a game you
> play at online, whether you install the game or you play through a web
>site and the game/site (online casino..etc) logs your computer ID and
>IP, will it also show this as yours if someone else is using your
>computer by a remote control trojan?

Anything they initiate from your computer will look to the
remote site as if it is coming from your computer.

Gary Flynn
Security Engineer
James Madison University

Is he right or not :confused:

I also spoke with two other people who said, yes.
Semi-bump from the grave :eek:

Just out of curiousity, does anyone think I actually will be able to get back any of the money from Pacific?

I'm really losing all patience for this, and since it's getting close to finals, I'd rather have the money that's still in the account, so I can buy some plane tickets to visit my brother for New Years. I'm thinking of just giving up at this point.
I thought this was the answer here?

Originally Posted by casinomeister
Here is Casava's final decision:

We were first contacted by the member on 8/1/04 at 9.25 am (GMT time).
The member phoned to say that he had not played since 7/31/04.

The account was blocked on 8/1/04 at 9.29, when the bankroll was at

The member was able to re-enter the account. He has admitted making
several attempts to do so, to check the hand history. He also phoned the
Member Support Team two hours after the initial claim, asking for the
account to be re-opened.

All of the log ins to the account, from the beginning on 7/21/04,
through the period that the member is concerned with, to the last log
ins on 8/1/04, are from the same IP and ISP.

In order to enter the account, an unauthorized user would require the
confidential username and password of the member.

Based on these facts, we concluded that there was no security breach
from our behalf. The bankroll was wagered down to $187 from the same PC
as previously used on the account, and with access through confidential

The member has claimed that this could be due to a Trojan Horse Virus
stealing his identity. We don't accept responsibility for this.

We also noted that the game play of the time span concerned and the
previous immediate history were similar. This is in terms of game
choice, and stakes played. This is an indication that there was no
unauthorized user playing on the site, though our investigation is not
based on this point. The member does not agree with these findings,
though we have explained that the outcome of the investigation is not
affected by this similarity.

We have concluded that the bankroll on this account was wagered through
access achieved with the accounts confidential password, and from the
same location as recorded all throughout the previous log ins. We have
concluded that we are not responsible for any case of unauthorized
access of the account, if this was actually occurring.

We have offered to reopen the account, where the member will find the
amount of $187 still in the bankroll, with a new confidential password
to secure the account from further access

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