Whine and Moan Slow WD from Moneybookers


aka LooHoo
Jun 5, 2006
Edmonton Canada
I made a WD from my moneybookers account to my bank account on April 29 and I'm still waiting for it to show up. Usually my transfers from moneybookers hit my bank in about 4 business days - today is the 9th day (business day), so I'm a little concerned. I sent them a mail and got an automated response that they're looking into it. Is anyone else having delays?
I wish I could PAB on Moneybookers. :mad:

I made a WD to my bank 2 frigging weeks ago and they lost it. I wrote and got a response that they'd get back to me in 2 business days. Now it's been 5 business days and I haven't heard shit. I stayed up til 2am so I could phone, guess what? They can't help, the financial dept is "looking into it"

So basically WTF - They lost $1000 of my money and there's dick all I can do about it....?
Moneybookers sucks

I made a wire transfer request 7 days go and still not here. This is ridiculous. I can deposit at the bank on a Friday afternoon at 3.00pm to Neteller and it is in my account on Saturday morning. I dont believe that they have sent these withdrawals and the bland automated response from them is disgusting. Its not their money its ours. If they can't do the job then get out of the industry and leave it to someone who can. I won't ever use them again. I hate waiting for my own money like this. It stinks. Maybe the financial regulator of their business should be contacted, because this is not good enough
Wow, that sucks man..

My withdrawals from Moneybookers have always been super fast.. Showing up in my account after 1-2 days.

Good thing you got your money in the end.
Oh... don't scare me. I'm awaiting quite a large withdrawal, my first in quite a while. Requested Thursday a.m., I'm hoping it hits my bank by Tuesday.

I did have a delay quite some time ago, when they wanted some verification info, but that was for an annual thing.

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