Slots and "Twilight Zones"


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Mar 25, 2010
A thread for the odd and strange.

I began to get a bit "Tinfoily" after a certain episode at a very well known casino run by a very well know casino group.

Here is my story...Reader beware!

After a very long losing streak where every deposit over considerable amount of time returned an average 30% RTP i decided that i had had enough.
There were the usual disconnects and "Error messages" Games not loading etc to go with this awful RTP and i decided to close my account.
I opened the chat and asked CS to close the account. The CS asked why i wanted to close. My reply was that the RTP i had been recieving was awful, Dire and not worth risking any other deposits to play against.
The reply was that they understood and they offered me a ND bonus (With WR). I did not ask for this and told them that i was not interested.
"But why ?" asked the CS. I replied that it just was not worth the bother, Over umpteen deposits i had seen extremely poor results and i expected the same to happen if i did accept the ND bonus.

This is where it starts to get a bit "Twilight Zone"

The CS said.
"I am sure you will do better this time"

This instantly caused pings on my radar. Why would CS say that? What does CS know that i don't?
So i felt things out a bit. I replied again "Theres no point, My RTP has been dire, Every game i play is giving nothing back"

The CS then replied.
"I am sure you will see better results this time. Have you played the "Hot Games"?.
Again i replied in the same fashion as before. "They are all COLD, Not hot, So whats the point"

CS then told me to play a certain game , Again assuring me that i would see better results with this ND bank roll.

By now i am convinced that i am being thrown a bone. I was being assured. My radar was going berserk so i had to give this CS a chance, I had to give this game a chance. I had to TEST my theory. What theory? My "The Slots Are Rigged" theory.

I accepted the offer and was disconnected. Upon loging back in i opened said game. It played like a dream. No "Error" codes, No disconnects and plenty of good wins & features.
By now my head is asking all kinds of questions and the answers i kept comming up with are that the CS had information on what games were paying and what games were not or maybe they had switched my account to a better playing/paying server, That would give a reason for the disconnect after the NDB was awarded. I was directed to a paying game with assurances so they must have known or done something.

So i am a good chunk into the wagering playing this game...Then...Ding.."Error" code...Disconnect. I reconnect and open the same game. YUP, Dead as a Dodo, Laggy, More "Error" codes until i am forced to play a different game.
From that point every game i opened played to the usual 30% until the balance was nearly gone. It was a casino wide RTP across the board. No matter what game played they had reverted to "Suck You Dry" mode. I ended up clearing WR with about £5 profit, Of course there was a minimum withdrawel so i didnt even get to cash out that measly sum. That £5 was then lost rapido style on the next game i opened.

I closed the acc directly after.

I am convinced that this casino/group had played me on every deposit.
I am convinced that in a vain attempt to keep a punter, the casino directed me to what they knew was a paying game or switched my account to a better playing/paying server. The game played very well for a short time, This was no coincidence, It was for sure dubious.

Ive never used this casino group since & thanks to them i play far less in general than i used to .

I have some other "Twilight Zone" stories for you but ile save them for later.


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Jan 17, 2014
I have a real wild one.

A couple years ago I was running horrific on an rtg casino. Something like 100,000 spins zero cashouts over like 40 deposits..and an rtp in 50's. Something like that anyways. Down probably 12k.

I had enough and went to chat and said close my account please im done.

They said let us give you a $200 free chip no max cashout max bet $6.25. I was like you, why bother and they convinced me just go give it a try. I said okay well any slots you can suggest because the ones im picking are so brutal. She suggested vikings voyage.

I went and played max bet to just get rid of it or hit. I hit two bonuses. One paid 3k and the other 4k.

I opened up live chat and said you for turning the switch. They denied it and said congrats. lol