Skill on Net (and 888) casinos not paying out the winnings from Pragmatic Play tournaments.


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Aug 5, 2019
Noticed this in November 2023, came third in a daily Live casino promotion and should have been paid £500, this was at Casino Redkings

Didn't receive the prize. sent them an e-mail asking them to look into it, no reply.
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Rather then just not play at Skill on Net sites I instead set up accounts at many skill on net sites and played, via various casino skins, the Pragmatic play Live casino weekly tournaments.

None of the sites pay out the prizes whether it's a £5, £20, £100, £500 or a £10 000 prize.

I thought maybe it was just me so I got some friends to set up account also and play the tournament. None of them have ever gotten paid.

Where is that money going I wonder?

Tried talking to live chat but they keep asking for the game round ID so they can investigate missing game round winnings and won't go any further without those details, which is pointless as it is nothing to do with the particular game round missing winnings. They have no awareness of the promotions running.

Have hundreds of screenshots of various uncredited wins. Will let them escalate it internally and see if they get back to me.

Considering they never replied when initially emailed last year; I'm not expecting much.

SkillonNet first, and then 888 as they don't credit the prizes either. has a sordid history at Casinomeister - ethically challenged Rogue Casino
@Dirtystack - to be fair, we credit those wins manually and I do not always receive the notifications accordingly. So sometimes I receive a request from a player who queries why he wasnt paid and I simply didn't got the notification.

There is always an additional "winners list" they send, and thats accurate. Hence I can find/confirm the win, credit the players raising the issue.

You might want to tell them that, if they still claim they cant find your wins? In that case I know why they are rebranding to Evoke ;)
Its been every week since the current campaign started in March. And no wins credited from tournaments dating back to November 2023.

It's a bit of a joke.
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