Whine and Moan Skill on Net (Prime) Shambles


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Jan 30, 2017
Does Skill on Net actually have a clue what they are doing?

3 September 2022 - Made small deposit and won on Immortal Romance, tried to withdraw, had to upload proof of ID as my driving licence was recently renewed, fair enough.

Reject and reject stating I was uploading a duplicate version (I wasn't) when they had asked for a new version copy of my driving licence.

I then get an e-mail stating my document had been verified, followed by a few minutes late stating my document had expired (it hadn't and the date could clearly be seen).

No response to e-mails trying to ascertain what the problem is!

I as good as gave up playing, self excluded and closed accounts but just fancied a wee play on the slots in an account i had open, I think I better dive back into my hole again of not playing - feel I am being given the runaround to make me play it back .

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I had issues with them a few years ago for the same issues your facing. I just closed my account with them and never played there again.
I will do the same but going to hang in there until I can withdraw my winnings!

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