Silver Vegas withdrawal


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Anyone experienced any problems withdrawing money from Silver Vegas? I played there for a while. However their software didn't load all the time. Thats why i e-mailed their support and asked them how to solve this issue? No answer. I e-mailed again and said if i don't get any answer i will withdraw all my money and go to another casino. No answer.
I made a withdrawal, 48 hours after still no money. E-mailed them again, no answer. E-mailed again, no answer. They are just ignoring me...

Anyone else have any experience in this casino?


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Where do people find such shitty casinos?

It's a serious question, I'm curious - what led you to sign up with these crooks?


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Also linked to these crooks (via the payment provider)


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i actually received all my money now from them. after some e-mails they appeared in my neteller account. just fyi