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May 29, 2004
I'll refrain from crowing about the result, but did any of you guys see any of this? The quality of golf was simply amazing. Stuar Cink was getting putt after putt from about 3 miles away, two holes-in-one at the 14th, several chip-ins from off the green....honestly...all of it - awesome. Top moment when Garcia chipped in from off the green to "save the match", then Cink rolls a putt in from about 25 feet away to take it away again!
yep....it was a truly remarkable Ryder Cup.

they were even playing great golf during some nasty rain showers on Saturday.

it's very rare when a sporting event is interesting and watchable even when the outcome is so one-sided.

this was the first golf event I ever watched in High-Definition.....OMG what a difference!
this was the first golf event I ever watched in High-Definition.....OMG what a difference!

Oh yeah I'd love to see that. I have an HD ready TV but haven't subscribed yet as there isn't enough content over here to justify the $20 a month required...but I will soon I'm sure. Must be amazing.
Very enjoyable event indeed, despite the poor performance of my fellow Americans. The quality of play was impressive, Sergio Garcia was amazing as usual in team competition, and the participants were on their best behavior, unlike previous events tainted by poor sportsmanship on both sides.

But stay tuned for the postscript: The World Golf Championships Amex event at the Grove in Hertfordshire, featuring nearly all the Ryder Cup participants, plus a few other leading players. Will Tiger Woods capture his sixth consecutive victory in an official PGA Tour event? Or will a European player ride the momentum of the Cup to an upset victory?

Should be interesting to watch.

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