Fantasy Premier League 21/22 Meister League *Free to enter*


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Apr 25, 2020
Hi all,

With the season 4 weeks away I just created a league on FPL for anyone interested. It can be a great way to pass time for free of a winter evening in particular.

For anyone who has not played it before you basically get £100million to spend on a sqaud of 15players from the English Premier League, and they score points a variety of ways throughout the season, goals/assists/clean sheets etc.
You also pick a captain each game week and that player scores double points. The game can keep your interest all season as you can makes transfrers weekly for underperforming players and there is also special chips to use, including triple captain(which is obv triple points for your skipper that given week).
There are prizes to be won on the site for Top points scorer for the season, also weekly and monthly prizes.
So if you fancy tearing your hair out on a random wednesday in January because Watford just conceded a last minute winner to Norwich which ruins your points total that day then join the fun!
To register just go to
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Create your team(you can chop and change your entire squad/roster until gameweek1 starts.)
To join the league just click "Join New Leagues and Cups" where it will prompt you for the code below.

The code to join the league is: uzdomw

We can run a money league too if people are interested where people can stick in 10 or 20 quid and play for that money amongst ourselves for the season.For that though we will need a trusty escrow to hold the money for the season, which I am sure a senior member could help us with.

@Casinomeister if this thread is in the worng place feel free to move/delete/burn it :laugh:
I'm happy to get disappointed in one more league, will jump in :) If there is will for money league, of course as this is gambling forum, €$£10-20 probably is not huge amount for whole season tournament.

I'm not following close enough which casinos are accredited here atm, would there be any who have sportsbook and maybe would like to sponsor this competition with some small prize? Could be some merchandise or something if CM let some to be official sponsor of "CM Fantasy Premier League" :)

If you dont enter I cant beat you.
If I cant beat you how can I claim bragging rights:D

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