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Feb 3, 2004
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I was playing an RTG recently when I was interrupted by a popup window in the software called "Message".

In it, they addressed me by my first name and told me that some emails they had sent had been bounced as spam. They then asked me to update my email settings so this wouldn't happen again.

OK, appreciate the heads-up ... but that means that any RTG can shoot you a message any time they want.

Good? Bad? My thinking was that they then should be able to send you a message if you're playing with a bonus and open an excluded game.

RTG casino said:
Sorry, buddy, but if you play that roulette you have open, we're gonna take everything you've got, including that wrinkly shirt off your back.


Oh, that's ... uhh ... you're not wearing a shirt. :oops: Well .... ummmm ... let's forget that last comment. Here's a free $10 ... but you really can't play roulette since you're using a bonus. Enjoy!

Seriously, though, if the option's available, I'm sure there are plenty of other good ways it could be used to benefit the player. :thumbsup:
Good Point

Well, perhaps casinos should stop blaming the software for being unable to protect players against mistakes, seems it is more the case that operators can't be bothered to use what IS provided by the software vendor.

Playing recently at an ACCREDITED RTG casino, the Pit Boss told me not to worry about claiming a coupon before I had completed a current one, as the software was set to make this IMPOSSIBLE. Playing at the Playtechs that are accredited I note that a pop up comes on at many events, however I have found that under options it is possible to select "disable warning messages". I had a pop up once I had qualified and received my bonus, I would hope that the software could issue one when WR had been met, and if an excluded game was opened that might lead to punitive action. Even if the game was not disabled, the player would at least have been warned.
MG casinos have casino mail, this does not interrupt, but alerts to it's presence, many operators do not seem to fully utilise this!

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