Poker Complaint RPM Poker "lost" my money and refuse to even look into it


Dormant account
Aug 18, 2008

I made a deposit of 100$ to RPM Poker through Moneybookers. Money was deducted from my account, and showed up in my account history as a succesful transfer (see screenshot of the transfer below)

For some reason, the money was never credited into my RPM account. When I asked support about it, they just keep claiming that they have never received anything from me, altough when I e-mailed Moneybookers they confirmed that the transfer to them was succesful and they still have the money I sent.

Now the support staff in RPM is just rediculous, they just keep saying that if I had send the money to them, I would have it on my RPM account. Basically that´s all they say about this issue, nothing else, everytime the same answer. So at this point I feel I have no other option than to make this public in order to hope that it will make someone do something since this isn´t just between me and RPM, but lots of other people can also view this.

Also the support staff keeps on giving mixed answers, as in one point he told me that he checked their account many times and my deposit was not there, and at one point when I ask if I give him the transaction ID and he could check the account for that transfer, he refuses :rolleyes:

Here´s some quotes from support team of RPM:

Hi xxxxxxxxx,

I'm not showing that you've made any deposit on RPM Poker. If you've
deposited via Moneybookers and it was approved, it would have shown up
in your RPM Poker account immediately.

I'd recommend contacting MoneyBookers if your money is missing, as it
is not on RPM. As such, we are unable to add a manual credit to your


RPM Seth
Poker Manager

Chat Content:
RPMJon: [10:21] You canceled the deposit. Please go ahead and try it again.
ME: [10:21] The money is still in your Moneybookers account
[10:21] That´s what the Moneybookers support told me
[10:22] Money left my account succesfully and transfer was completed
[10:22] So could you please credit it back to me
RPMJon: [10:22] Yes, the funds are in your Moneybookers account. We never took any funds. You canceled the deposit and we do not have your funds.
ME..: [10:23] Then why does it show up in my Moneybookers account histury as a succesful transfer to you?
[10:23] And moneybookers staff told that the transfer is complete ans money is in your account
RPMJon: [10:23] Unfortunately that isn't correct xxxxxx otherwise you would have your funds.
[10:23] I would suggest contacting them again. I apologize for the inconvenience.
ME..: [10:23] So would it be possible that I give you the transactions ID and you can check your account?
RPMJon: [10:24] Nope. I am seeing that your deposit was canceled manually by you. This means no funds were collected.

The same conversation just goes on and on, then he finally agrees to send an email to their cashier support team. :rolleyes:

I am anxiously waiting to see what happens next, altough based on the previous experiences with the speed of their support this will propably last for quite a some time.

Moneybookers is also backing me up on this, as they can see that I have made a transfer to which is RPM´s address for deposits.