reverse withdrawal bonus and documents for this normal or am i mistake


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Dec 11, 2009
i would appreciate any feedback as i am a little confused.

i have been playing regularly at an accredited casino group of which one of the casinos are presently on Meister's top ten list.

Few days ago i had a good win of $3000+ and requested a withdrawal, against which i got a email offering me a % bonus to reverse my withdrawal, the more i reverse the higher the %. Not thinking twice i just advised that i am not interested.

Yesterday i got a confirmation that my withdrawal is being processed in two lots, one of around $700 and another for $2000+ of which the larger amount was to be processed first. I later noticed that the withdrawal for $700 has been processed but no news on my larger withdrawal, so after a few hours i emailed the casino and they responded that they needs new documentation to process the larger withdrawal(they have verified my previously already). Also that the smaller withdrawal was done in good faith.
I understand it is the casino right to ask for documents whenever they want but

1) i thought offering bonuses to reverse withdrawal is not "accredited behaviour"

2) why process one withdrawal and not the next?

3) if i did not inquire, i would have no idea that they needed documents and after pointing this out to the casino, they later sent me an email asking for documents

not sure if any of these are roughish behaviour but combined, it does not paint a good picture for a casino on the top ten list. Especially as i only use neteller to deposit.

i may be wrong having this opinion and would appreciate everybody's thoughts or advise.

i haven't mentioned the casino or group name as like i said, i would rather be sure before bad mouthing any casino whom are ranked high by mesiter.


May 29, 2004
The offer to reverse for a bonus would annoy me as a player too, especially when you consider it then attaches WR to it all over again!! By the by, as I understand it, a withdrawal of that size could cost the casino $150 - $300 to process depending on the method.

On the cashout front, depending on the casino, then this might not be that unusual. For example, bookmakers tend to have a different set of processes which make it easier to ID a player and consequently, many don't bother with detailed ID until a certain threshold is reached. From experience, I'd say that the 3000 mark is normally around that threshold so I can see why this might have happened.


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Oct 14, 2004
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It seems that repeated requests for documents are becoming more common. I asked Vegas partner Lounge about this, and they said they would regularly ask for updated documents, such as a fresh utility bill once the one they had on file got older than 3 months.

Today I received a request from GNUF to resend all my documents that they have already had (TWICE already, although once under the former management/owner). The utility bill they had on file is now more than 3 months old, although I am not sure why they need another copy of the photo ID - perhaps this is to verify that the person they are dealing with NOW is "still me from last time", and resending the photo ID shows that I am "still me", rather than someone who has hijacked the account and is trying to bluff it with a fresh utility bill alone.

This reverification seems to follow a recent update to eCogra requirements to bring them into line with the requirements of various countries that consider online gambling "not illegal".

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Oct 3, 2010
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only one casino has offered me this and i dont like it maybe its the same casino for you its in The Palace group ? once i stupidly took on there offer and lost my withdrawal within min :)