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Sep 4, 2023
I have a question concerning VIP points I redeemed with Captain Cooks. I noticed I had quite a few points accumulated with them and redeemed
them for 2000 cad and was added to my account. I thought that was money I could withdraw from them but found out I had to wager 30 times bonus amount. What does this mean ? Is it safe to play with it ? How does this 30 times work ? and most importantly will I have to end up paying them money if I didn't wager correctly ?
I don't know what to do.
I would contact their support to ask these questions, and take screenshots. It took me 2 secs to find player-unfriendly terms, for example:

f. Using the autoplay feature for the purpose of meeting bonus account wagering requirements.

----------------------------- In other words:

"Using the autoplay feature for the purpose of meeting bonus account wagering requirements" is considered "irregular play" that allows them to "withhold any withdrawals and/or confiscate all winnings."
2000cad x30=60000cad you need to wager more simple you need to spend 60000cad to unlock your balance, most of casinos have max bet $5 when your wager
From what was considered a perfectly normal and helpful pro-player tool for many years, to now being a fraud-enabling hack that is the preserve of those looking to rip those poor casinos off eh!

And that's before the 'social responsibility' of keeping players away from auto-spinning, because.......reasons?

Is it so that the player is fully aware of the monetary losses incurred in real-time, so as to shame them? (even on a bonus?_

Is it under the guise of helping the player take accountability, as opposed to letting the game play out automatically? (albeit at reduced 100-spin cycles?)

Seems like another fairytale 'rule' made up to confiscate players' converted winnings under lousy pretexts, not that they do that sort of thing, mind :laugh:

Surely a player will be more immersed in the proceedings if playing manually, experiencing the highs and lows in real-time, the kind of thing that feeds a gambling bug?
Thank you for the from what I understand it is safe to play out the points and I don't have to worry about having them come back on me with a this correct ?
These VIP points were simply converted into a playable balance, which now needs to be wagered 30 times before it becomes 'actual' money, assuming you beat the challenge set out.

There are no retroactive bills or IOUs that casinos just inflict on players :cool:
Take also note of these rules, they indicate the percentage of specific games that contribute toward your wagering requirements.

If you play slots it means your 1 dollar will go towards wagering because of their 100% contribution.

For Table Poker is 50%, so it means only 0.5 cents get contributed,

... and so on.


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