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May 8, 2007
Las Vegas
Later this year Ghostface Killah will be giving away a $50,000 recording contract. Ghost will also be appearing as a guest on the winning artists' demo. Details will be at
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later this year.

Right now you can win a trip to Spain to hang out with the Wu-tang Clan.
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gentlemen, I suggest we sign as back up singers....who knows, could win us a stint on american idol. or better yet.........we could end up in Spain and have CasinoMeister rescue us from those damn burritos
This is in the wrong section,

Someone please move it to Jokes:D

.... Or tell me how much I have to deposit and where, and what games must I play to become eligible to have the face of a ghost give me $50,000 to buy a recorder. I could get a pretty good recorder for that amount, and have change to install a top notch home cinema system to go with it:D

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