Receiving email with another customers personal details


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Feb 3, 2018
Strange one. Received an escalated complaints response from a casino today for another player which contained details of a Responsible Gambling complaint as well as the players personal details. I think I had an account with them in 2016 and the details are definitely for another player. What do you do in that scenario? Name and shame?
Ico would be interested as a data breach they company should report this to them once informed but you can also do so. You should also inform them that they have committed a breach so they can retrieve the data (I.e ask you to delete it) they are also liable for letting the other customer know their data has been breached.
I recently had a similar situation where a solicitor sent some very sensistive info of mine regarding a case for which
the recipeint was also making a claim.The solicitors were absolutely shitting themselves due to the nature of the info.
I let them off the hook because it was a genuine mistake and the info was recovered and no other parties saw it.
but it was a massive breach.
If its a casino thats done it before then that would make it a lot more serious, showing that their data security is not up to scratch.
Waiting to hear back from them. I will name and shame if it's not an adequate response. Mental that personal details can be passed so easily.
Used to be the case that a person had to show they suffered a financial loss due to a data breach in order to instigate a claim for financial recompense - that changed a few years ago in some Google Court of Appeal case (distress), so with RG being the issue, the person is probably in a decent position to claim: RG monies and Data Breach monies: quids in for them :p

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