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Aug 15, 2006
Hi guys, I signed up at casino on net a few days ago. Stupidly I deposited with neteller, so it's 50x B = 10,000. To top it off the deposit button lagged and I hit it twice so I deposited $400....

Anyways I think this casino sucks, I have had bad luck here. Everytime I raise my bet I lose, and just can't win eitherway. I have lost 100$ of the bonus, and I am only about 29% thru it. I don't want to grind it out for the next few days for a few pennies or nothing. I am wondering can I withdrawl my inital 400$ bonus no problems? I really hope so. If it is true I will just bet 5$ a hand and hope to make a bunch or bust the bonus and cash out my 400$ please answer this is important.

To late now I know, but of course what you should have done is contacted them & asked for your deposits back without playing at all.

At the very least they should let you have your 'accidental' second deposit back if you contact them & explain what happened.

I have heard that you can withdraw your deposit & play with just the bonus at CON - but this sounds very unlikely to me. Only thing to do is try it & see what happens.

Their Neteller policy is ludicrous, which is why I clearly warn about it on my website. It is the most unreasonable T&C I've ever heard of!

Good luck! :thumbsup:
What you should have done is check CasinoMeister's Rogue Casino List before depositing.

I think you'll see that Casino on Net (888 casino) are almost at the top of the list. :rolleyes:

Please ... they're at the top of the list because their casino starts with a number and the list is alphabetical!! :rolleyes:

And the roguing has nothing to do with what the original poster has had happen. Bryan's listed reason is "blog spamming", not "bad luck". :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Please... 'Casino on Net' is listed in 8th place, that is 'close to top" as far as I can see... and it does not start with a number. :)

I listed 888 there because most folks don't know that "Casino on Net" are run by the same people as 888 Casino.

Oh ya, being at the top or the bottom of that list really does not matter, the fact they are on the Rogue list in the first place, says it all.

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