QT is there a middleman ?


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Jul 30, 2003
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Is there a middleman between QT & the casino in regards to cashing out?

I am hoping I am being paranoid....It has been so long since I cashed out...but as the years went by I remember how easy it became ...24 hour hold, 24 hour process time, and VIOLA! It was in my QT account in about 3 days.... I was spoiled. Yes, times have changed and I am feeling like a newbie.

I was so excited to FINALLY have a cash out...Saturday night I cashed it out. Monday it was gone from my account & I got an email saying so...I looked up the turn around time and it said 24 hours using use my wallet so I figured worst case Wednesday I would be spending it back in the casino I won it at :thumbsup:
When I didn't, I waited another day and then Thursday emailed QT and the casino...they of course are both looking into it...the casino saying they processed it and QT saying they have recd nothing from the casino. Both very courteous and prompt.
But then today QT sent me this and I don't remember ever having to deal with this so I'm wondering if it is a new procedure or a mistake or what...if so why did the casino have no clue about it or explain it to me?

This is a follow-up message concerning the non-received payout issue you informed us of earlier.

Please be informed that the merchant did not process the mentioned payout directly to your QuickTender account but sent it to you as an e-mail payout. Please check your inbox and locate their e-mail - it should contain a money code link that you need to follow in order to receive the payout.

Once you follow this link, you will be directed to the QuickTender login page where you will need to use the login details of your existing QuickTender account to confirm the receipt of your funds.

There is no email about a code ...so is there now a middleman maybe that is taking longer to process? The whole use my wallet/qt thing is confusing. Its been so long but I do recall the memories WAY BACK WHEN of the dreaded "where's my cashout" email game...hopefully it will all work out and not be such a PITA in the future. It just threw me when QT told me the casino sent me a code only AFTER I sent them an email ....why did the casino tell me it was processed but forget to tell me the imperative step that would get me my cash out??


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Oct 14, 2004
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You are supposed to follow a link in an email and LOG IN:what:

Haven't they attended Internet security and guarding against Phishing 101:confused:

I haven't seen this raised before regarding QT, so I suggest you ask a long term member from the USA if they have heard of this before.

Neteller can accept payments by email address, but there is NO logging in via a link from an email, it just goes to the account in a different manner, and triggers an "email payment received" receipt.

ANYONE can spam out a bunch of emails saying "you have received an email payment to your QT account, please log in to your QT through this link, and enter the following code............"

This is laughable, it doesn't say much for the robustness of QT's protection against "hacking".

Maybe this is how those complaints about accounts getting hacked have arisen, players blindly following such odd instructions, but later to find it was Phishing.

Contact the casino and say you have not received payment, and that further you believe your details have leaked from the casino because you have received a blatant attemt to "Phish" your QT account login.

Is this casino accredited?


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Jan 30, 2007
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Got a payout from CW Tuesday and nothing like this. Just business as usual. Was in my QT within 24 hrs same as always.

I have never had anything like this with QT so could be a scam.


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Jun 3, 2006
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Sounds like a scam to me.

Don't use email, contact QT directly through their online chat.

After Qt gets the cash from the casino, it still takes 3 business days before they send a wire, then it takes 2-5 days for the Banks to get the cash in your account.

I usually figgure it takes about 5 working days after QT sends the wire before the money is in your account.

BTW - Congrats on your Win :D