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Feedback Problem: Very slow site navigation (is it just me?)

Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions, Announcements, & Feedback' started by Mousey, May 2, 2013.

    May 2, 2013
  1. Mousey

    Mousey Ueber Meister Mouse

    Pencil Pusher
    Length of time for a page to appear here at Casinomeister forum after clicking a section link has been gradually getting longer for me for over a week. Sometimes, when I click a forum link it will go right to it. But most times the little IE circle turns and turns and turns - sometimes the page will then come up, sometimes not. There are times it simply will not load, I go elsewhere on the web and come back later.

    I've rebooted, cleared cache, etc., which didn't improve the situation. I've not been having this problem elsewhere.

    Using Win7/IE9.

    I'm going to check it with Google Chrome here in a minute.

    Edited to add: Presently, be-bopping around between sections using Chrome is no problem. Maybe my IE9 needs some exlax. Will check plugins and addons again....
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  2. May 4, 2013
  3. maxd

    maxd Complaints (PAB) Manager Staff Member

    The PAB Guy
    Mousey, it's just one opinion but I think if you look around you'll find that IE is to browsers what the Edsel was to cars: too little, too late and best avoided.

    I know that a significant proportion of web designers stopped supporting IE years ago and that means that your problems with IE are just going to get worse as time goes on. As Tom Waits put it "the stiff is froze, the case is closed". IE is toast.
  4. May 4, 2013
  5. Webzcas

    Webzcas Winter is Coming!

    Block S25, South Stand, Ashton Gate, BS3
    From a server perspective the site slows down between 11 am - 12 noon GMT. This is when the daily backups which are automated run. Agree with Max though, ditch IE. Chrome is far superior.
  6. May 4, 2013
  7. Jasminebed

    Jasminebed Aspiring old lady

    Not in workforce
    I had issues a few days ago, where every time I clicked to see recent posts, it gave me a not available kind of error, but could refresh. I've changed nothing, but it works now, but it lasted for a few days.

    Wnen I clicked diagnose error, said it might be a firewall error. Didn't change any settings, now working.
  8. May 4, 2013
  9. chayton

    chayton aka LooHoo CAG PABnonaccred webmeister

    Freelance Designer
    Edmonton Canada
    I have several different browsers installed and just realized that tonight I'm using IE9 with Windows 7 too, and I'm not having any problems - at the moment anyhow. The only issue that I've noticed with IE is when replying to a PM the word wrapping doubles up several words on each line. It's really trippy, but as far as I know it's just a display problem and it doesn't actually send that way....?
  10. May 4, 2013
  11. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    The problem is that with many casinos, you are stuck with IE as a plug in driving the lobby display, I have seen a raft of problems with the MGS Viper lobbies, and underlying this is their use of IE. I can't see why it isn't possible to have lobby plugins use the default browser the user has set under Windows, as this might solve many of these irritations.

    IE has long been considered "bloatware", but it is supported by Microsoft, and so is Windows.

    If you get rid of IE altogether, you break Windows. The best one can do is set an alternative default browser.

    I have both IE and Chrome on this new PC.
  12. May 4, 2013
  13. Mousey

    Mousey Ueber Meister Mouse

    Pencil Pusher
    I thank you all for your replies. This morning (using IE9) everything here is moving along quite well. I am generally here during the week around 5 a.m. central USA time, navigation is worse at that time and that is probably when the site does backups and maintenance is taking place. Navigation is very 'iffy' at that time regardless of browser. It had been very sporadically slow during the past week or so regardless of when I was in here, but has been better the past couple of days.

    Generally, I have been happy with IE9+win7. I do have Chrome and Firefox installed just in case. LOL

    Thanks again for your feedback. So far, so good ....

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