Prima being shady as usual - need a rep to help


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Jul 3, 2006
Hey all,

I was playing in a 5 man sit and go with a $10+1 buy-in which pays the top two spots. Three handed, the player in first was dominating the table while me and the other gent were tied in chips. The final hand of the game was a three way all in, in which the chip leader won and consequently eliminated me and the other player at the same time. In instances like this, the two players who finished in a "tie" for second place should receive a split of the 2nd place earnings. This was not the case. It stated that I had come 3rd, even though I went out at the same time as the other player. Even more interesting, I had the better hand then the other 2nd place finisher, so my 3rd place finish was not due to me having the worst hand. For those who play on prima, the hand number is 952117537 .

Since I always have problems with Prima, I am used to calling their lovely (sarcasm) customer service team. After being ripped by prima yet again, as is the case more often then not, I called them about this matter. After explaining the matter I was put on hold for 20 minutes, when all of a sudden the connection was lost. Lovely. I called them back up and they put me on hold for another 20 minutes just to tell me that I had to email microgaming about this problem (this always happens), who will get back to me in about 24 hours. What these people do not understand is that they are messing around with my money. How can you run a reputable business when you simply do not handle customers problems with THEIR money in a fashionable and easy manner? And how do cashouts with Pokertime take over a week sometimes?

I have 3 or 4 other bad experiences with Pokertime which I could list which shows just how terrible their customer service is.

If there is a prima person on here, can you look into this manner for me? Cause this is just terrible and Pokertime has easily hands down the worst customer service I have ever seen. Is it too much to want the money that I won on their site in my pokertime account without having to wait a day or two?
Prima's rules are strange for tourneys. On most of the sites I've played, when you eliminate two players on the same hand, the player with the bigger stack going into the hand finishes higher, but I'm pretty sure their rules are that its a tie. Seems like something is amiss here.
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