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Jun 30, 1998
The Secret to moving online

Lotteries must commit to a top online experience, according to Kim Sloth Bengtsen

Lotteries that are seeking an online presence should “go all in or go home,” according to Lotto24 CEO Kim Sloth Bengtsen, who will offer his insight on the topic at a highly anticipated session at EiG in October.

Bengtsen will be attending the panel session entitled “Moving forward with lotteries” at Arena Berlin on October 21, the second day of EiG, which will run from October 20-22.

Bengtsen is looking forward to an “open and honest dialogue about the advances in digital offerings across the board” during the discussion.

However, when it comes to the challenge of a lottery – or any other gaming business – moving online, Bengtsen believes that only a comprehensive, committed and compatible approach can work.

“Customers want full integration, flexibility and up-to-date content on a 24-seven basis, directly on their phone,” Bengtsen said.

“You have to make sure that you have a fully functional product launched that has been tested again and again. If you do not do that, you will surely lose your customers before you have them.

“We see it repeatedly in any area of business; customers have no time for poorly created content, bad connections and so on. If your product does not work, they will skip to the next one in line, and trust me, there is always a better one out there.”

According to Bengtsen, the cost-benefit aspect is of critical importance for moving online, with the key challenge being to avoid “bursting budgets”.

“You need to figure out if the way to move forward is to hire a team, since the process will undoubtedly be long and costly and be part of your ongoing projects,” said Bengtsen, who highlighted mobile as a key theme that he expects to be discussed in depth at EiG.

“It is one thing to secure your slice of the mobile market, but a completely different thing to keep it and increase the size,” he added.

“Retention, working with multi-channel marketing and being innovative are just some of the general areas that any business should be focusing their budgets on these days. Thinking about any national lottery and their position in this regard, what do they have to lose?”

Bengtsen and his fellow speakers will also touch upon a number of other important topics for the lottery sector for 2015 and the future.

“I see a trend for the larger national lotteries in many countries, where the monopoly they have been coasting on since the beginning is starting to disappear and the lines are getting thinner every year,” he added.

“The open markets are arriving whether you like it or not, and with that comes a completely new way of looking at the business and your strategy in general.

“This is the reason for the shifted of focus onto new platforms – such as mobile – as well as being part of the new information age where everything you do is done via your devices. Your customer relationship management is changing on a daily basis.”

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