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Mar 16, 2004
Has anyone had problems getting withdraws from a player center casino?
I am complying with the pitch a bitch rules and will not mention the casino name...yet...This is a breif overview of the situation. I made several deposits over the years and always felt like I got a fair shake. Never won anything but still had fun playing blackjack. In feb 04 I played and won. I finally decided not to piss it all back and made a withdraw of $4,800.00 USD. Thats when the nightmare began. First of all let me say this...I used NO bonus or comps to win this money. It was several credit card deposits made during the day and straight up blackjack play. I have emailed, called and live chat player center several times. They asked me for copies of my credit card and ID. I complied with these requests immediately. I got emails from their "accounting" dept. stating that the withdraw was "large" and the had to go thru some "security procedures". Finally the middle of Feb 04 I was told over the phone and email that my check had been mailed and was advised of a 7-14 business day wait. Well I waited, and then called them again and was told player center made a "mistake" and the withdraw was taken over by the casino owner. Oops...sorry sir but there is nothing we can do to help you. Contact the casino owner directly. Of course I did this and never got a reply. Any advice out there???...and yes I did check the rouge list and the casino isn't listed.
Hey - that sucks. There are a zillion of these casinos using - they're IGS-casinos. Cheap software. Strangely enough the software is identical to Futurebet who use They have more than the software in common: They both suck and slowpay.

IGS claim they don't suck as bad as Futurebet though. I suggest you pitch a bitch if you haven't already.
Vortran and I discuss this situation little in this week's webcast which just went up.

A real sorry state of affairs. Islandjoecasino is the culprit. The owner was having personal problems. Interactive Gaming is looking into this...

Thanks for the info guys...I sure hope this one has a happy ending. As a small business owner I doubt if any of my accounts payable would be very sympathic to me having personal next time I am having trouble paying a bill I will try that as an excuse. Thanks again for looking into this one Meister...
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Player Centers

Fact of matter is casino owners accounts can be in negative, and if this is the case you must wait, and I was told that I needed to get my money from owner, that owner had the money. My withdrawals are similar here. The checks were sent, soposedly returned to them by postal service (couldnt buy a stamp?) and then remailed once again. Later I found no checks were ever sent as casino owners account was in negative. Yet I was lied to stating the account was under review, a large withdrawal was made needed to provide ID. Just tactics to get you to lose your money if you ask me.

Casino owners buy these licenses from IGS, and tell them they need 24/7 support and they provide this to the owners for 20% of profits. This is where playercenter is the recommended source for support. Player Center & IGS are both affiliated. The cost to open one is around $20,000US, the owners get no promoting at all. So in MHO you would be better off opening one of those internet dollar shops if you want to pretend to be in business as they cost $30.00US
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