Podcasts – Hear it From the Meister

I began uploading podcasts to the Internet in April of 2001 – these were hosted at Casino Gazette which was an Internet radio station of sorts. There were several channels: InfoPowa News, Online Players Association, GameMaster, and mine – Casinomeister.

That went on for a few years, then I began to use Casinomeister as the host for these podcasts which went on until 2008 when I switched over to video – which are just as entertaining. And then now I am rejoining the podcast realm once again.

My podcasts cover the best and worst of the online gaming industry. I discuss what is important for folks to know who run online casinos – I talk to the players to warn them about dastardly deeds committed by rogue operations, and give advice to fellow webmasters.

I also talk about strange facts that apply to the non-online gaming world – so yeah, there is something for everyone.

So grab yourself a libation of choice, sit back, relax, and listen to this:

By the way – if the most recent Podcasts aren’t being displayed, you can stream them directly from here: Casinomeister’s Podcasts at Buzzsprout. You can even subscribe to them at Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts and more!

Word from the Meister – 26 September 2019

  • APCW’s Anthony Medical Fund Raiser
  • My thoughts on the future generation of online gambler
  • G2E in Vegas

14 August 2019: It’s Chill time in August

  • UKGC gets busy fining folks
  • The BBC and The Guardian’s sloppy reporting
  • Double standards protecting players at UK land based casinos
  • Player fraud and how the UKGC is out of touch
  • Which UKGC licensee will bail next?
  • Strange but true facts about meteors and meteorites.

If you’d like to travel down memory lane and hear how things were in 2001 – 2003, listen to the Casinomeister Podcasts at Casino Gazette: Podcasts at Casino Gazette. Some things haven’t changed much in the past 18 years – and some things really have. You might be surprised to hear what was going on in the days of yore.

Dr. Nick and Hot Aussie Chick Podcasts

28th August 2019

This week Dr. Nick and the Hot Aussie Chick take you around the world to visit the global Casino chaos that is in our sights.

Whether it be Malta, Australia, New Zealand United States, China, Cambodia, the Phillipines or, the Ukraine, global casino chaos is clearly happening.

There are casinos closing, there are casinos opening, there are casinos on hold. Let’s not forget that there are also casinos being robbed and people being shot dead. Players are being arrested in poker rooms & players are sinking on boats, literally.

There are financial services involved from different government agencies, outstanding taxes in the millions, and, of course, the junkets that we have been discussing each and every show from Asia infiltrating worldwide, Australia especially.

No matter which country you are from in the world, which continent you live or, it seems,  (area 51 style) even which planet you reside on there is going to be a casino gaming story that will interest you this week. Where will this global casino chaos take us? Listen in to find out!