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Feb 21, 2006
I got some feedback that it would be nice to calculate stats from the playcheck files, so I put together a PHP script which will generate some nice stats for you as I had in the previous thread.

You can find the generator here :
Outdated URL (Invalid)

You also find a quick explernation on how to create your playcheck file, there is a limit on 2MB upload and be gentle on my bandwidth, :)

Also if you have ideas on improvements on the stats please give me some feedback.
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Playcheck stats generator v1.1

I have updated the system abit, so now it should handle the different layouts from different playcheck tables. Cut'n'paste your data and see what gives!

For some reason the above tinyurl doesn't work anymore, so I made a new one:

Also, if you get into problems with using my playcheck generater please PM me so I can fix it so you can view your stats correctly! If you paste into notepad or textpad it should work nice, I expect all data on 1 line!

Updated URL:
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