Non-Bonus Complaint Playamo confiscated 15000e using not exsist reason


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I created account few months ago is full verifed. I did 2 times payout.20.05.17 i won 15000 euro and playamo closed my account when i played i dont make even request payout.reason duplicat account.... And dont wanna say details... I get details from Antillephone nv about wath a duplicat. They use als duplicat account belong to my friend who lived the same estate and he first created account. I proof everything showing id and a lot others. When we look wath casino sayed then duplicat exsist when i played first time. Why i did later 2 payout? And if i won 15000e comme problem? Now casino ignore me onky dont wanna lessen


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Playamo confiscated 15000euro without exist reason

I have thesame situation like you!! Another casino regulated by DIREX NV. I have account on playamo few mounth and i did well payout 2 times and 20.05.17 when after deposit 28e and 8h plaing my balance was 15000 and i still played! I get DC and cant more login. Live chat told me tath i have duplicate account wath i never did! When i asked about details duplicat anserw was this is confidential and nothing more. I dont give up and i sended a lot o mails to Antillephone master licence and i get informacion about duplicat... I start play at playamo after good rewiew from my friend who lived on the same estate.... They use him account like my duplicate even account was verifed! When i wanna explain whit casino tath they only ignored me since today. I found tath ASKGEMBLARS accredited Playamo but they twice rejected my complaint without realy reason and closed my account.. The same complaint wath rejected askgemblars LCB and community give me right everybody can see on LastCasinoBonus forum is on the top. On this forum come second customer who is my duplicat... He is a boy... I girl... After adding all of profs casino representative dont anserw anything. And evry day when i contact live chat they say manager will contact whit you.... Every day the same


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Hello every one

i any could help me please contact me i signed up at from the netherlands i registered in my profile my Netherlands adress cause i live in The Netherlands and in Germany i have an appartment and a company so tought register on profile Netherlands adress.

i made a alot of deposits from the netherlands using paysafecard after asking if its okay. i also mad a last deposit of 200 euro from my german bank account using Sofort uberweisung.

i won over 15000 ,- euro

tried to payout 9500 to cubits cause they say is instant id did not work for 24 hour recalled played again won so made 2 withdrawals.

9000 euro cubits
3800 euro trustly
1821 euro left on my account.

yesterday dthey closed my account and telling me i not getiing any penny. please see attachments and if any could help please please help me.
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This is a 3 casino wath is owned by DIREX NV witch made big scam play casino 16300 playamo 15000 and now here dasistcasino 15000e
CS pls priv message. I did investigation about Antillephone Direx and all this shit results SCARY
I Treat Cs like independent because i know tath many seit typical "casino reviews" they dont care about customer but about profit wath can from casino get.
CS I have information and i knowe tath you have words contact i mean now AML I believe tath together we can do a really good job


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