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Jan 15, 2024
Milton keynes
Morning guys,

I'll try to keep it short.

Had Play Ojo account for over a month now.
Fully KYC, soft credit check as I'm based in UK, debit card approved etc.
Never had any issues withdrawing lower amounts like £200-£300 and withdrawals would be approved and paid in my bank account within 6 hours max.

Recently won over £1k so decided to withdraw £510 for the time being.

My withdrawal has been in a pending state for almost 40 hours which makes me think they absolutely forgot about that.

Things I've done:

Discovered that Casinomeister exist lol

Texted customer support but only got generic reply

DM'd @EGO with my username and request id

It's just very unusual therefore would need some help with this.
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They seem to be on the slower side with withdrawals. No reason why a fully KYC'd customer should have to wait days for a withdrawal in the year 2024.

Just hope that they're not SOWing you. That might take weeks.
Please be more respectful of your fellow forum members and the casino reps.
Similar experience here. First withdrawal was fine, processed within a couple of hours. Second withdrawal i had waited for 30 hours and then PlayOJO cancelled it with no reason provided.

Contacted support and still no answer as to why it was cancelled (I'm still waiting). Contacted the rep here and they blatantly lied and said the account number was wrong. The details used were the exact same as the first withdrawal so that wasn't the issue. PlayOJO saves the details when you do a withdrawal so there is no need to enter them again unless withdrawing to a different method. I had also double checked to make sure they were still correct.

Anyway a couple hours after the withdrawal was cancelled, I put in another request with the exact same details again and this was approved within 30 mins. So it's very hit and miss as to whether the withdrawal will be approved or cancellsd and how long it will take.

I find it very concerning a site that has a good rating has such poor customer support and has a rep here who would rather lie then provide the actual reasoning.

It's also quite malicious how they have the cancel withdrawal button on every single game you play, and not just hidden away, it's a big button you can't ignore. It's clearly there to target problem gamblers. How this casino is highly rated is beyond me.

My experiences with PlayOJO have been poor and I certainly wouldn't be playing there again when there are so many options out there.
@Brodes , I've known the PlayOJO rep for years and dealt with a fair number of player cases with his assistance. Never in that time have I known him to be dishonest or manipulative. You've been here for about two weeks and could be anybody, with or without an agenda, and we have no particular reason to believe a word you say. So you're going to either have to prove your accusations or retract them.

If you want to prove yourself I suggest you start a PAB and I'll investigate the matter. If you chose not to then we'll assume you don't have proof and your post will be flagged accordingly.

Max Drayman
Forum Co-Moderator,
I'm only telling my experience with PlayOJO and the rep. None of which has been positive. I don't mean any disrespect towards the rep.

There is no proof to provide, PlayOJO don't provide any information on the transaction history page of where the funds were sent. I did not change anything on the saved form though and double checked, I know the details were correct.

PlayOJO don't respect there own T&C's or there licensing. I am Australian and by all rights should never have had an account on PlayOJO anyway.

But PlayOJO completely verified my account regardless. I provided an Australian drivers license, Australian passport and internet bill all with my Australian address. You know what PlayOJO did? they listed my address as New Zealand although all documents I provided showed a clear Australian address. This is proof that PlayOJO is at least a little bit on the dodgy side of things.
I'm only telling my experience with PlayOJO and the rep. None of which has been positive. I don't mean any disrespect towards the rep.
Not sure how things go in your neck of the woods but calling someone a liar is disrespectful in the extreme. I say again, prove it or retract your accusation. The casino reps are not here to be abused in that manner.

- Max
Quick question I've sent in my 8th withdrawal with playojo and it's been 36 since and it's not processed yet still sitting as player pending. Seeing that this is my 8th withdrawal I figured it would be quicker since I'm verified etc. I keep seeing messages that it's usually 12 hours before they process what is the true withdrawal time with playojo before they process? And at what point should I start bugging?
Playojo is a recommended Accredited Casino at Casinomeister

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