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May 21, 2003
It seemes all casinos are happy to receive instant deposits thru neteller and firepay.
Yet when we request payment, they always seem to want u to fill in all manner of forms. If possible they would pay by check.
Why is it not a standard practice that they pay back by the same method we deposited. Is there a deliberate effort by casinos to hold on to the cash float by issuing checks. For non US players, cashing a USD check is not only costly but can take up to 8 weeks. Not to mention the chance of the check being lost in the mail.

R there any rules on how payments should be made?
My experience with payout of winnings was totally different with two casinos. The first, Golden Palace, gave me every excuse in the book why they could not pay, wrong day, wrong week, wrong address, could not wire, express mail costs additional, finally they agreed to mail me checks (divided the winnings in 1/3) and mailed them fedex and charged me $35 per check. It took me almost 2 months, and costs me $105, but I finally got the checks. My next experience with the Lucky Nugget was much different, I hit several royal flushes within a 3 day period, and gave an instruction to wire transfer the grand total to my bank account, provided wiring instructions, and within 3 days, the funds were in my bank. No one was more surprised than I was!

It seems to me in the last year casinos have clamped down on how they will pay, if they will pay when playing on a bonus (my first winning was totally on a bonus from the casino and that was the only agrument they did not present while trying to not pay me). Even reading all the terms and conditions before playing makes it even more confusing I think.

I learned that wearing them down with emails, and phone calls and complaining to the gaming commission (usually mentioned on their home page) finally made them pay (Golden Palace), but I would never try them again, it was too stressful.

My experiences so far have been varied.
I have been paid by Netteller within a few hours (Global Player)
Then there's the likes of Riviera Gold who have kept me waiting since the 12th of May, and if you read other threads, I doubt if I'll ever get that money.
Most casinos will pay you within about 7 working days in my experience (Neteller, Debit Card, Payspark) Don't know much about checks, only had one, took two weeks to come from Canada, but was only for $20, so it didn't really matter.

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